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Synopsis   of   'Beast 2000'

Title of Film:- Beast 2000
Producer:- Obed Joe
Language:- English
Duration:- One Hours (60 mins)
Format:- Video

The queen of demons, quite certain that she and her group are hell-bound, orders her demons to lure more people on to the hell-bound train and to wreak havoc on the earth; they are to cause confusion in churches, accidents on the highways and make mankind as unsafe as possible.

The queen of demons who takes on the appearance of a young lady, Jane, meets Tony, a university undergraduate from a God-fearing home.

Tony, had unknowingly picked up a mysterious eyeglasses which belonged to his dead pastor. With the eyeglasses, Tony is able to see demons and other things, which are invisible to the eyes of men.

With his picking the eyeglass and his meeting with Jane, Tony begins an encounter with the world of demons. (Hell).

An encounter that brings him no good.

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