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Daughters of Jezebel

Title:- Daughters of Jezebel
Producer:- Spyder Pictures
Language:- English
Duration:- 90 Minutes
Guage:- Video (VHS)

Four young and beautiful girls went to the University, in their innocence, in search of knowledge. Unknown to them, the university environment was rougher than they could have ever imagined in their wildest dreams. In the face of harrasement and intimdation from the male students who formed dangerous cults, victimazation and constant threat from lecturers who demanded for sex before grading them and other pressures, they decided to fight back.

Led by Maureen Duke, they formed the very dangerous and deadly cult known as the "Daughters of Jezebel". Unknown to them, in forming the Daughters of Jezebel (D.O.J.), they had gone into a very deadly convenant with Meshakira, the Mother Jezebel. Soon after they graduated from school and were about settling into adult life, the evils of their past and convenant with Meshakira came after them. The evil of their past did not wait to live after them, rather it chose to live with them.

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