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How many times do you have to get yourself ensnared and locked up in "jail"? Life is really about looking inside of yourself, searching in your personal treasure chest, finding you and becoming all you have ever dreamed to be.

G. Vibes is a quartet who by looking inwards, have found the path to accomplishing destiny, their destiny. They have choosen "difference" as their guiding light and "good" as their motivator.

They will motivate, educate and entertain you through their "gospel" vibrations. They don't believe in "Religion" but they have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ choosing to please him and him alone.

The group was started by Bukola Folayan who through dedication caught the vision watching a group that was actually doing what she had always wanted to do. Her motto in life is availability. She always says "God can use anyone, cause He chose to use me".

The other member's are Adeola, Bola and Ayotunde. They all are university undergraduates. O.A.U. IFE, LASU and UNILAG respectively.

Bukola is fondly called Buki Smalls or B.K.Y but she prefares profesionally the name G.I. meaning, the fullness of God resides in me.

Deola is D.L. but profesionally is G-blood the Cleansed and Redeemed one:

Ayo: A.Y. Sledge! AKA G-fire the custodian of the Spirit of God and finally

Bola: B.L aka G-Love, the love that is as Cool as the Water of the Word that quenches all thirst.

Together this Dynamic, Fire Spitting, Lyrical, Poetic and most importantly, Gospel Quartet form the G-Vibes.


The lives of great men remind us that signs can be left in the sands of time. They never die, they live forever, they belong to the earth, the earth endures forever, it can never be conquered, I am talking about non other but the Martyrs.

This project is dedicated to the memory of my loving father H.R.H. Oba (Prof) Ololade Folayan. The Akesin of Ora.

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