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Oluchi For Oluchi, life could not have been any better. Born some nineteen years ago in Ayilara one of the more notorious red light districts of Lagos, Nigeria, Oluchi has certainly come a long way in just two short years. Standing at an impressive 6ft 2", Oluchi has successfully dazzled and captivated the rest of the world with her amazing success on the ramp at the world's most famous fashion shows.
Ever since hitting the limelight in 1998 as winner of the maiden edition of the M-Net sponsored Face of Africa competition, Oluchi's spectacular success in the world of international fashion has continued to serve as an inspiration for many young girls. With a modelling career that has seen her modelling for the topmost fashion houses in America, Oluchi yet continues to make waves on the international fashion scene.

Almost immediately after she hit America in 1998, Oluchi began making her impact felt on the stage of world fashion. Her appearance on the cover of Italian Vogue was the first of her major modeling jobs. She has since gone on to appear on the covers of quite a number of International Fashion Magazines since them. Her Chic Afro look, which was on the covers of Britain's hottest fashion magazine, I-D, is further proof of her international status.

She has not just been on the covers of hip fashion magazines, Oluchi has also modeled the dresses of a variety of fashion houses-both in Europe and America. The fashion houses of Dior, Jean Paul Gaulthier, Galliano, Costume Nationale, Channel, Marc Bower and Loeve are a few of the Fashion Houses for whom she has walked the ramp. And recently she signed a contract with GAP clothing in the United States. The fruit of her contract is a 15 - storey billboard of her adorned in GAP Khakis hugging New York's skyline.

Yet, far from following the usual trend of many ordinary people who find it very hard to both understand and cope with sudden fame, Oluchi has managed to keep her head level and her sights focused. Her celebrated status as a budding super model has not gone to her head. She still remains the simple, easy going babe that she had always been. And thanks to the that she has acquired such sophistication and impeccable manners in her short exposure to the international scene, she has become the quintessential female.

An object of reverence for every Nigerian girl. But even more, Oluchi is living proof the huge amount of untapped potentials just waiting in the wings in Africa's largest nation.

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