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regina AskiaSensational Movie actress Regina Askia has landed it big again as she acquried a Navy Blue Mitsubishi Jeep for herself. The loaded up SUV, we gathered, cost the pretty actress a whopping N600,000 to import from Cotonou, a neighbouring country.

The hazel-eyed ex-beauty queen seems to have a soft spot for jeeps as she still maintains her Maroon Kia Sportage Jeep which is currently under repair.

she revealed, "The reason I go for Jeeps is because it's spacious enough for me to pack my things and my daughter's".

Regina is currenlty shooting another movie - "President's Daughter" for Chico Ejiro.

She's also involved in a pet project that seem so dear to her. "The project is an Afro-American project titled Renaissance Network Africa which involves three respectable African doctors on board and "our aim is to bring back Africa's glory by paving way for the black Americans that believe Africa is their root to have good relationships with Africans in the Diaspora," She revealed.

"This avenue will pave way for Africans and Americans of African origin to have good business relationships. It will also make it easy for investments, as this is the only way we can help rebuild the image of the Nigerian home-fromt."

Meanwhile Regina revealed that the project has been extended to Oba Akran of Badagry, Alaafin of Oyo, Emir of Kano, Obi of Onitsha, amongst other top Obas. She's still making efforts to link the Ooni of lle-ife on this laudable project. "The meeting is billed for February next year in America and we would be hosted by the Mayor of Homestead in New York, "she further disclosed.

Regina who might be travelling to God's own country any moment said, "I have really not been spending enough time with my daughter, Stephanie for now but she is a good companion. Although she is already with my sister who happens to be a neighbour, she's never lonely: But you know, she prefers to be with me everytime".

The University of Lagos graduate, who spent almost all her life in Akwa-Ibom now combs town with her new automobile which she sees as a necessity and not a luxury. "And this is my own sweat, my money. I did not get money from any man to buy this car, this Jeep," she said. She has previously used a silver coloured Daewoo and a two-door Honda Accord car and a jeep from Charles Orie, her former husband.


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