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T O N Y    T E T U I L A
For Tetuila - Anthony Olanrewaju Awotoye, singing is a passion for him. He had always wanted to sing right from his days in secondary school. He didn't get the chance to demostrate his love of music however until he got to the Federal Polytechnic at Offa, Kwara State, where he had been admitted to study Business Administration. Tony Tetuila

For him, the only extra-curricular activity he was interested in was music and its promotion . He was thus involved in the promotion of musical shows on campus. He would invite DJ's from Lagos and other places to come and jam in his school. He would also invite many talented but yet budding musicians to perform at such shows.

Soon, it became inevitable that even he would one day mount the stage and showcase his love of the crooming profession.

Though stage shy at first, Tony Tetuila soon learnt to be master of his performance on stage. He also learnt to appeal to the group he considers his most intimate constituency, the ladies. On the campus at that time, not attending any show at which he was invited to perform was virtually an unheard of thing for the happening babes'.

He was that popular amongst the ladies. Soon, it was inevitable that he form an alliance with others who had an inclination towards singing the same kind of Nigerian flavoured rap and hip hop that he sang. Idris, a budding DJ provided the sort of perfect partnership that he sought then and so they teamed up and began playing at shows and dance halls together. The approval rating of the duo amongst their colleagues continued to reach for the skies.

Later on, Eddy, another budding musician jointed the duo and thus they formed the Remedies, Nigeria's first home made rap and hip hop group.

The success of The Remedies is certainly unquantifiable. So is their contribution to Nigeria's hip hop scene. Utilising a musical technigue that incorporated the best of Western rap and hip hop and then flavouring these with Nigerian themes and sands, The Remedies always managed to set dance halls, clubs, shows and parties alight anytime their debut album was played. Containing different variations of just two songs, Judile and Sakomo, the album was a major hit in the Nigerian music scene. It also marked the turning point of Nigerian music as more and more people have since latched on to the new musical `genre' they created. Hip hop, rap and ragga have since become a Nigerian affairs courtesy of the pioneering effort of The Remedies.

Tony was however not destined to last as a member of the Remedies group. Irreconcilable differences soon saw Tony having to part ways with the group he had helped found. And though he left the group, Tony did not leave music. He was to demostrate the power of his creativity further when he went ahead to establish another alliance with another upcoming group of youngsters who were also experimenting in the hip hop genre. With the plantashun Boiz, the group he bounded with, Tony Tetuila went ahead and released his own CD. Titled morning Time, fans of the yellow haired crooner were certainly not disappointed with his effort in the new CD. With tunes like Omode Meta, Morning Time, your kind of woman and a host of others, Tony confirmed himself as the crown prince of Nigerian hip hop music. Right now, at concerts, shows, parties and clubs, Tony Tetuila and the Plantashun Boiz are the hottest group in Nigeria. Their music is loved by all and sundry as both young and old are wont `shake body` to their highly danceable tunes.

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