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Mama Funke

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    Mama Funke

    A week before my wedding to Funke, a young beautiful Yoruba girl, I was summoned by her equally beautiful Mother, Mama Funke, my soon to be mother in-law.

    I was asked to come over to her house ASAP and I obliged by rushing over to her house on Victoria Island.

    I arrived to find my soon to be new Mother in-Law scantily clad and lying on the sofa asking me to come join her.

    After I informed her that I was uncomfortable with her request and that she must be forgetting that I was about to marry Funke her only daughter, I was re-assured that I did not have to worry about all that. She assured me that my affair with her would be handled with the utmost secrecy and besides, I was reminded that she was every man's fantasy!

    After a brief pause, I bolted out the door like a "Bat Outta Hell" rushing towards my car where I found her Husband, Baba Funke, my soon to be new Father In-Law, sitting on the hood of my car. Needless to say, I was stunned!

    He stood up, hugged me, applauded me and told me her was proud of me and now truly confident that his only daughter made the right choice in picking me as her intended husband. He told me that he put his wife Mama Funke up to testing me by inviting me over for an affair.

    Phew!!!, I sighed as I drove away thanking my stars that he stopped me before I got to my private stash of condoms that I was gunning for in the boot of my car!!!

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