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The Policeman And Madam's Mobile Phone!

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    The Policeman And Madam's Mobile Phone!

    I was at Oshodi Oke waiting to board a bus to mile 2.

    Not far away from the bus-stop, I saw a fine Madam standing by the side of her car with the Car Bonnet open - possibly engine trouble.

    She was looking impatiently at her wrist watch, meaning, possibly she's on an appointment.

    The moment she saw her driver with the mechanic, she decided to join us where we were rushing to board a bus. Funny enough, she boarded the same bus I was getting on.

    After much struggle to have a seat, we are all settled and alas, this fine madam raised an alarm that somebody had taken her mobile set (Cell Phone). We all said possibly the hand set dropped while we were rushing to get a place in the bus.

    This commotion went on for almost 5 minutes.

    A Policeman, who happened to be on board the bus, now asked her how she had lost the hand set.

    The madam said she saw it on the floor of the bus and that she was only trying to get a seat and later, to take if from the floor of the bus.

    I personally said that possibly it dropped before she got to the bus, possibly in her car.

    The Policeman's role in the mess was a great one as he participated actively. He seemed to want to sort out this issue. He finally said everybody on the bus would be stopping at the station - Police Post for interrogation. No problem. We all agreed.

    Fortunately, there was another man with a mobile hand set with him in the bus.

    He asked the Madam to give him the mobile number for him to try. He said if it's still in the car, the driver or the mechanic will recieve and comfirm it. But if dropped on the floor, anybody that picks it will send a signal on how to collect it. We all supported his idea.

    The man dialed the number and good enough the connection was fast.

    gran gran gran! gran gran gran!! gran gran gran!!!

    The ringing seemed to be coming from inside the bus. Perplexed, we asked the man to disconnect and dial again, possibly the call entered at the same time with his.

    Again.....gran gran gran! gran gran gran!! gran gran gran!!! The ringing was coming from the bus again!

    The Bus Driver now stopped.

    We all came of the the bus, one at a time....guess where the ring was coming from??? Inside the Policemans pocket!

    Ubbelievable! The Police man stole it:
    No, he helped her to keep it;
    No; he was trying to help her keep it.

    Guess what the Police man said?

    I only wanted to know the true owner of the hand set!

    Submitted by: Kolawole Olubunmi Awe

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