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Poor Old Woman

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    Poor Old Woman

    Once upon a time, there lived a poor old woman. She had only one child who currently was living in The United States of America.

    Unfortunately, the old woman finds it so hard to eat. Sometimes, only one meal a day and sometimes, none at all.

    Her concerned Landlord decided to see how he could help and the following conversation ensued...

    Landlord: Mama, I thought you have a child living in the United States ?

    Poor Old Woman: Yes sir, I do

    Landlord: So, why doesn't she send you any money?

    Poor Old Woman: Shioo!...That ungrateful girl! After all the sacrifices we made for her. She never sends money to me. Instead, she sends pictures of some old men I don't even know at all

    Landlord: Ehh??..ahh??......thats bad o!. Can I see the pictures?

    Poor Old Woman: Don't mind her ojare, Yes you can see the pictures

    The woman handed over the pictures.

    What the old woman had described as pictures of old men were lots and lots of paper notes (DOLLARS!)

    So.......what would you do if you were the landlord?

    Submitted By: Bolaji Robert

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