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The "Shi#@ing" Priest

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    The "Shi#@ing" Priest

    A friend came to visit me with a Nigerian priest. The priest just came to Texas from Nigeria and was being shown around. I quickly noticed that the priest is making a conscious effort to appear "Americanized" by his slangs.

    I called my friend to the side and told him that he has a duty to tell the priest that certain words that are commonly used in American movies and associated with being "Americanized" are actually unacceptable vulgar and profane terms. My friend said that he had lost sleep over this matter and does not know how to broach the subject of propriety to a man of the clothe.

    We ate and decided to go out for the evening. My friend approached the subject as follows:

    "Father, there are certain words that may appear all-American, but are in appropriate". The priest said, "shit yeah, are you telling me." My friend and I looked at each other. He decided to try again. "Father you know, like that word shit can be offensive". The priest said, "you are right men, shit, some people are f**k*** sensitive, shit."

    My friend asked me to come with him to church on Sunday were he will preach on Sunday. I refused to go because I know I cannot contain my excitment before the sermon even begins. I did not want to be committed to an assylum if I walk into church and just burst out laughing.

    I asked my friend how the service went, he himself did not go.

    Submitted By: Butch

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