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The Testimony

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    The Testimony

    During testimony time in a church, a woman came forward to share her experience.

    "Praise the Lord. I say praise the Lord."

    "For about six months now, I have been suffering from sleeplessness. I have gone to many doctors and they've given me several drugs which have failed to work"

    "Praise the Lord"

    "Hmm, one day I came to this church and while the Pastor was preaching, he said 'if you have any problem, just pick your bible and read and God will heal you'"

    "That night, I picked my bible and wanted to read it when I just fell asleep!"

    "So I want to advise everyone here that if you can't sleep at night, simply pick your bible to read!"

    You needed to be there to see the way people nearly fell over each other while laughing.

Submitted By: Seyi Olayinka

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