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The Special Guest

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    The Special Guest

    Part I
    There was this village man who attended a party which was holding in his village (I will not tell you the name of the village).

    While he was seated the servers kept passing him carrying trays loaded with jollof rice and meat. Unable to hold himself, he called one of the girls and asked for food.

    From the seating arrangement, he was a special guest. The girl therefore went and brought fried rice for him. This fried rice unknown to the man was reserved for special guests.

    When the food was brought to him, he took one look at the food and raised his voice saying in the native dialect "I sit down here and you pass me to serve others giving them good rice but, when you want to serve me you give me the one that has no stew on it. Abeg carry your rice away".

    He then got up and left angrily.

    Part II
    This same man went for yet another function also in the village.

    At the function he sat with others. It is common knowledge that most Nigerian villagers love palmwine. So, when drinks were served, he was given palmwine while the person seating next to him was given canned beer.

    This happened three consecutive times.

    When he was given palmwine for the fourth time he blurted out "why are you always giving me palm wine while you give this other people the one that makes "KPAI" or is it because each time they are drinking it they hold something to their ear and keep on talking?

    The kpai was the sound of the can being opened while the something that was held to the ear was the fellows mobile set.

Submitted by: Emmanuel Unomah

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