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Author Name: tony are
Number of articles: 32
I am often amazed by how most Nigerians do not get issue at stake in any political situations or current... (0) Comment

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Nigeria: Faoruk and Otedola, The choice of Two Evil
Author: tony are | August 23, 2012
I am often amazed by how most Nigerians do not get issue at stake in any political situations or current events. Nigerians, the educated and enlighten... (0) Comment

Confused Jonathan?
Author: tony are | August 03, 2012
The most important development in Nigeria democracy was attainment of Jonathan Goodluck as the president of Nigeria. Jonathan came from one of the ethnic... (0) Comment

Nigeria: Lagos Doctors' Strike And New Fashola
Author: tony are | May 17, 2012
There is a Yoruba saying that smoke is like a character, if you seal on the ground, it will find a way out. This best explain ACN and the current Governor... (0) Comment

Nigeria: The politics of oil subsidy
Author: tony are | January 13, 2012
Fuel subsidy has been one of the major tools in hand of government in Nigeria. Starting from 1979, Shagari âs government found no needs to touch that... (0) Comment

Bokam Haram Exposing Security Lapses
Author: tony are | November 21, 2011
The recent spade of Boko Haram attacks in mostly north-east of Nigeria is neither a phenomena nor something new in Nigeria. There had been many of such... (0) Comment

National Judicial Council, Salami and Nigerians
Author: tony are | October 07, 2011
According to some commentators and Nigerians, National Judicial Council (NJC) is in crisis over the saga of Salami. Judge Salami, the former president... (0) Comment

Nigerians And Their Palava: Islamic Banking
Author: tony are | August 29, 2011
I was never fool by the silly bow-tie the current governor of central bank like wearing. To me, the man is incompetent and a wrong choice for the job.... (4) Comment

Sacrificing Maurice Iwu for Nigeria
Author: tony are | May 10, 2010
If we follow what the so call NGOs, media and labour unions are saying you will believe that Morris Iwu single-handedly conducted election in Nigeria... (0) Comment

Prayer for the President
Author: tony are | January 04, 2010
We Africans generally are very spiritual by nature. It is in our blood to seek spiritual interpretation of what is happening to us. To seek spiritual... (0) Comment

Andy Uba Recourse For Justice
Author: tony are | December 08, 2009
Andy Uba recourse for justice has come to temporary end provided is not appealing to the Supreme Court. When Andy seeks redress in law court it causes... (0) Comment

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Abiodun Idris | December 22, 2014
Greatest Nigeria students and masses of our dear country. I want to start this write up by saluting...
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December 03, 2015 | OJOMA THOMAS | 3 posts
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July 29, 2017 |  N/A | 1 posts
This article is full of nonsense  Post comment »
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April 29, 2013 |  Ojonimi Adegbe | 1 posts
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Ribadu Remains The Only Saint That Led Anti-Corruption EFCC
December 19, 2016 |  Lawrence | 1 posts
Interesting piece. Let's continue to speak out.  Post comment »
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