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Author Name: Farouk Martins
Number of articles: 571

Ethnic Economic Sabotage Brewing Innocent Chukwuma, the Owner of Innocent Motors must be admired... (0) Comment

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Nigeria: Time For Jungle Justice On Corruption
Author: Farouk Martins | April 04, 2012
How long are the working people going to wait before they tackle corruption in high places? The students that used to lead revolts in Nigeria are too... (3) Comment

Africa Understands Eunuchs Born Or Castrated As Gays
Author: Farouk Martins | March 23, 2012
Africans natural empathy for eunuchs may have spilled into their difficulty in accepting gays because of the world history of treating eunuchs, in most... (0) Comment

Nigeria: Yoruba And Igbo Must Remain Divided To Keep Nigeria One
Author: Farouk Martins | March 14, 2012
When Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe was taken to task to explain why he passed on Awolowo’s offer to become the Prime Minister. He simply said it might have led... (0) Comment

Riba Haram wanted, to spare the children of Nigeria
Author: Farouk Martins | February 27, 2012
When any of the militia starts setting empty schools of children ablaze, kidnapping children and old people, they have lost the essence of their causes... (0) Comment

Nigeria: Pray Your Oppressors Live Broke Not Die Rich
Author: Farouk Martins | February 20, 2012
Do not wish death on your oppressors because he owns the Central Bank or hold the code to foreign bank savings, if you do not want to live in penury thereafter... (0) Comment

Nigeria: Why Watch The North Kill Off Themselves
Author: Farouk Martins | February 14, 2012
The rate Boko Haram is killing off either the Northerners or the Southerners, there will be little left to begat the next generation of Nigerians. It... (0) Comment

Only Africa Ignores Its Religious Actualization For Economic Growth
Author: Farouk Martins | February 08, 2012
Africa cannot blame its indigenous religion that has no identifiable or official role in the religious, ethnic and economic problems. The root causes... (0) Comment

Nigeria: Zombie If I Quench You Quench
Author: Farouk Martins | February 02, 2012
Those who fight and run, live to fight another day, we have not seen the last protest. Whoever sends you to take human lives, tell them to start with... (0) Comment

Nigeria: Ebele Deploys Soldiers In Search Of Boko Haram In Lagos
Author: Farouk Martins | January 22, 2012
Hasn’t anybody seen the Boko Haram gangs hiding in Lagos? Reliable sources have informed our President that Lagos is full of this den of killers and... (0) Comment

Nigeria: Attack Your Own Ethnic Looters Not Ebele
Author: Farouk Martins | January 22, 2012
There is one lesson we must learn from Nigerian Civil War: one ethnic group must not attack another ethnic group, let each ethnic group deal severely... (0) Comment

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Abiodun Idris | December 22, 2014
Greatest Nigeria students and masses of our dear country. I want to start this write up by saluting...
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This article is full of nonsense  Post comment »
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Great article. I think this should be placed more out there for people to read and if possible for the...  Post comment »
Ribadu Remains The Only Saint That Led Anti-Corruption EFCC
December 19, 2016 |  Lawrence | 1 posts
Interesting piece. Let's continue to speak out.  Post comment »
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