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Author Name: Farouk Martins
Number of articles: 571

Ethnic Economic Sabotage Brewing Innocent Chukwuma, the Owner of Innocent Motors must be admired... (0) Comment

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Dilemma Of A Childless But Loyal Wife
Author: Farouk Martins | December 15, 2009
There are so many children uncared for that can be adopted instead of giving our own births. Africans still want their genes passed on so much that we... (1) Comment

Sharia & Rawlings Voices Are Hunting Looters
Author: Farouk Martins | December 10, 2009
We are hearing from prominent people who are sick and tired of trying to change the culture of corruption from within, calling on Nigerians for Rawlings... (0) Comment

Ex-Wives Staging Comebacks As 2nd Wives Are Home Wreckers
Author: Farouk Martins | December 01, 2009
Marriage is not for everybody. Some people are at their best as girl-friends or boy-friends for ever. But the societal pressure to get married with a... (0) Comment

Diaspora Nigerians Are Becoming Lost Generation
Author: Farouk Martins | November 19, 2009
Once upon a time, your grandmother had 5 children: Dele, Chinwe, Musa, Ita, Dafe and Dimka. Your great uncle Dele and Aunty Chinwe went to Europe and... (1) Comment

Impeachment Or Blackmail Of Oba Obi And Emir
Author: Farouk Martins | November 17, 2009
Our rural communities are where majority of our innocent people reside. The only hope is in these communities where our culture is strong and we must... (0) Comment

Haba! Only Older Men Can Afford To Get Married
Author: Farouk Martins | November 10, 2009
Africans can teach the world about pulling yourself up with your bootstraps. That is where poor youngsters fare better later in life than their cohorts... (3) Comment

Hunger As Weapon Of War To Bankrupt Nigeria Worse Than Biafra War
Author: Farouk Martins | October 30, 2009
There is no point fooling ourselves about some greedy access to NigeriaĂ¢€™s Treasury, since many without contact are waiting in the corridor for their... (2) Comment

Equality Comes With A Duty To Provide For Husband And Children
Author: Farouk Martins | October 27, 2009
The days of your money is ours and my money is mine popular amongst women may be fast coming to an end. Indeed, many successful women are surprised by... (0) Comment

If Northerners Plunder Just Watch Southern Bank Looters
Author: Farouk Martins | October 21, 2009
The banks chiefs are a reflection of the greed and incompetence we see in our ruling political class. It is the same malady that infected our banks and... (0) Comment

Nobel Peace Prize Welcomed USA Back As World Leader
Author: Farouk Martins | October 19, 2009
Some people around the world especially in the USA are not sure the President of USA deserves the Nobel Peace Award. He humbly accepted with self-deprecating... (0) Comment

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Abiodun Idris | December 22, 2014
Greatest Nigeria students and masses of our dear country. I want to start this write up by saluting...
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February 25, 2016 | Gary Crenshaw | 1 posts
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Yoruba Origin Of Bini & Da Lagosians
July 29, 2017 |  N/A | 1 posts
This article is full of nonsense  Post comment »
Abani, Emeagwali, Oyibo: Trouble in Nigerian Paradise
April 29, 2013 |  Ojonimi Adegbe | 1 posts
Great article. I think this should be placed more out there for people to read and if possible for the...  Post comment »
Ribadu Remains The Only Saint That Led Anti-Corruption EFCC
December 19, 2016 |  Lawrence | 1 posts
Interesting piece. Let's continue to speak out.  Post comment »
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