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Author Name: Farouk Martins
Number of articles: 571

Ethnic Economic Sabotage Brewing Innocent Chukwuma, the Owner of Innocent Motors must be admired... (0) Comment

Article Archive

Yea! Yea! Our Naira Is Falling Again
Author: Farouk Martins | December 10, 2008
Many of us have congratulated Professor Soludo on the stability of the naira which had been on a free fall until he skillfully applied his economic brake... (3) Comment

Nobody But Africans Can Rescue Africa
Author: Farouk Martins | December 03, 2008
If Africans are waiting for some white, gray or black knights to rescue them, they might as well wait until kingdom come. But any knight smart by half... (3) Comment

There Are Three Investment Rating For Nigeria
Author: Farouk Martins | November 20, 2008
Investment ratings are the best way to attract money to a Country, a project, or a cause. The way to grow out of poverty is through substantive investment... (1) Comment

Obama Effect Is Live And Let's Live
Author: Farouk Martins | November 05, 2008
Obamaâs first obligation and of course loyalty is to the United States of America. He has said repeatedly, that there is no black, white, red or blue... (1) Comment

Corporate Greed Under Fire
Author: Farouk Martins | October 31, 2008
Capitalism can restore its balance in the world market if politicians, its concept salesmen can persuade the voters about how much government regulation... (0) Comment

Capitalism On Trial
Author: Farouk Martins | October 28, 2008
Politicians are the marketers of ideas that benefit their constituencies. Capitalism is on trial not because it has failed as some would want us to believe... (1) Comment

Nigerian Unity Not By Force Now
Author: Farouk Martins | October 15, 2008
There are so many events lately that have given ammunition or might vindicate those who pledge for the breakup of Nigeria. One of the new friends I made... (0) Comment

Our Hedonist Leaders
Author: Farouk Martins | October 02, 2008
Nigeria has been blessed with local populist leaders displaying impeccable qualities that can rule any country in the world but they have failed to win... (0) Comment

Corporate Bums Rush For Welfare After Gutting OPM
Author: Farouk Martins | September 26, 2008
The announcement by the Chairman of Central Bank, Charles Soludo, that he is ready to pump another one trillion naira to defreeze and calm financial market... (1) Comment

The Bravery And Agony Of Dialysis Patients
Author: Farouk Martins | September 17, 2008
One has to let people know up front that most of the people who suffer from temporary or permanent kidney failure in Nigeria due to hypertension, infections... (0) Comment

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Abiodun Idris | December 22, 2014
Greatest Nigeria students and masses of our dear country. I want to start this write up by saluting...
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February 25, 2016 | Gary Crenshaw | 1 posts
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December 03, 2015 | OJOMA THOMAS | 3 posts
How can I start a snails business,fairly used clothes and a poultry7071  Post comment »
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Yoruba Origin Of Bini & Da Lagosians
July 29, 2017 |  N/A | 1 posts
This article is full of nonsense  Post comment »
Abani, Emeagwali, Oyibo: Trouble in Nigerian Paradise
April 29, 2013 |  Ojonimi Adegbe | 1 posts
Great article. I think this should be placed more out there for people to read and if possible for the...  Post comment »
Ribadu Remains The Only Saint That Led Anti-Corruption EFCC
December 19, 2016 |  Lawrence | 1 posts
Interesting piece. Let's continue to speak out.  Post comment »
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