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Author Name: Farouk Martins
Number of articles: 571

Ethnic Economic Sabotage Brewing Innocent Chukwuma, the Owner of Innocent Motors must be admired... (0) Comment

Article Archive

This Culture Of Violence Invades Our Sanctuary
Author: Farouk Martins | April 19, 2007
There seems to be no place to hide these days from massacre and mass destruction of some human beings by another. Our children can be disturbed in their... (1) Comment

Papa Tell Us About The American Nappy Headed Hos
Author: Farouk Martins | April 11, 2007
It does not matter who said what. Extreme conservative views are selling like hot cakes on American radio and television. Never mind which foreigner owns... (4) Comment

No Power Can Break Nigeria But ....
Author: Farouk Martins | April 07, 2007
The days of direct colonialism are gone. It is now done with the help of those within, by way of neo-colonialism. If any of the contentious issues dividing... (0) Comment

Deja Vu: Impeachment and Allegation of Looting
Author: Farouk Martins | March 27, 2007
There was a time in Lagos and might be in other parts of Nigeria, when you shouted OLE, most passerby wanted a piece of him with at least a slap. Some... (1) Comment

Regress To Square One On Corruption
Author: Farouk Martins | March 06, 2007
The holy Senate in Nigeria has welded their Democracy flag again by declaring that only the court of law can disqualify a candidate, indirectly rendering... (3) Comment

Head Or Tail The North Wins
Author: Farouk Martins | February 21, 2007
No matter how some of us may think or feel about the Presidential race, the most viable candidates are from the North. This has placed enormous responsibility... (2) Comment

The Law Almighty: Afe Babalola / Obasanjo v. Ben Nwabueze/Atiku
Author: Farouk Martins | February 15, 2007
If it is hard enough getting between Obasanjo and Atiku, it is even crazier trying to sort out the different positions of their two eminent legal scholars... (0) Comment

No Sharia in BUHARI/Babangida v. YAR’DUA/Obasanjo Permutations
Author: Farouk Martins | January 31, 2007
Keep your eyes on characters not on religious fundamentalists without political ideas. It seems that the lesser “saint” in this permutation is Umaru Yar... (0) Comment

The "Africans" Of Devon England Again
Author: Farouk Martins | January 23, 2007
The ship wreck in Devon, England has brought into focus again the dilemma faced by philosophers and law enforcement organizations all over the world about... (1) Comment

Economic Eureka In Multi-party Ideas Across the Niger
Author: Farouk Martins | January 11, 2007
Vigorous competition amongst various parties is not new in Nigeria. It was the time many of us like to reminiscent about. If you wonder why many young... (0) Comment

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Abiodun Idris | December 22, 2014
Greatest Nigeria students and masses of our dear country. I want to start this write up by saluting...
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February 25, 2016 | Gary Crenshaw | 1 posts
It is normal for businesses to owe money at the beginning of a business. That's what separates entrepreneur...  Post comment »
10 Lucrative Business Opportunities in Nigeria
December 03, 2015 | OJOMA THOMAS | 3 posts
How can I start a snails business,fairly used clothes and a poultry7071  Post comment »
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Yoruba Origin Of Bini & Da Lagosians
July 29, 2017 |  N/A | 1 posts
This article is full of nonsense  Post comment »
Abani, Emeagwali, Oyibo: Trouble in Nigerian Paradise
April 29, 2013 |  Ojonimi Adegbe | 1 posts
Great article. I think this should be placed more out there for people to read and if possible for the...  Post comment »
Ribadu Remains The Only Saint That Led Anti-Corruption EFCC
December 19, 2016 |  Lawrence | 1 posts
Interesting piece. Let's continue to speak out.  Post comment »
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