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Thank God We Didn't Win
Author: Ifedigbo Nze Sylva | August 25, 2008
Before you attack me for being unpatriotic like the title of this piece would suggest, I am one very sad man this morning. I was quite confident that... (3) Comment



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ALPA CHINO    a hood, near you    August 25, 2008
what them need to do is turn the nff into a corporation with board memebers who ACTUALLY know the game-preferrably ex footballers,

my verdict is all nigerians are corrupt (even the self-proclaimed-servants-of-God) to an extent so corruption and a tad bit of selfishness is inevitable, but if the boss up there knows the game, he'll still steal sha and get his fair share of oriental whores and 5 star hotels, but hell definitely make sure the boys on the field mega ofuma

excuse my french...

Admin Note: Your french was not excused and your comment was edited to remove your profane words. Please desist from using profanity on this site.
Ese Odogun    Galway, Ireland    August 25, 2008
Every members of the NFA should be sacked completly, how can a country witn an estimated 159 million people can only produce one silver and 2 bronze while country with lesser population in African came out with Golds, Silver and Bronze.

NIgeria as a nation is a disgrace and i will honestly CONGRATULATE Siasia and the boys for their achievement.
Commander Samyoung Onwuzulike    Washington, DC, USA    August 24, 2008
Beloved Nigerians, Praise The Love of Our Mother Christ who can not change like Nigerians. In Nigeria where people say one thing and do another thing.

A country of about 140, 000,000 people what can we say that we can do?

May Christ change the wicked heart of Nigerians to Loving and Kindness Spirit Heart of Christ. No body will build our country for us, we are to come with truth to build Nigeria a great nation.
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