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Now that kidnapping has assumed a new dimension
Author: Ifedigbo Nze Sylva | February 16, 2009
Security tops as one of President YarâAduaâs seven point agenda which many have described as seven âsleepingâ agendaâs due to the lack... (1) Comment



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"Coming In From The Cold" - J.O.J.    Pomona, California, U.S.A.    February 17, 2009
Thank you Mr. Sylva Nze Ifedigbo. I have read a couple of your articles and you are one out of a few Nigerians that I dearly and truely respect.

I only wish someone like you can get into a position of power and help do the right things for our nation. You seem to be watching and very concerned with a lot of societal problems Nigeria faces.

I like your intelligent analyses of these problems and the solutions that you proffer. Thank you.

President Yar'Adua doesn't have time to solve our nations' problems as he is so consumed with taking care of his health. All he does is, once in a while, issue some rhetorics to show semblance of being concerned, but with no follow up.

The bottomline is that Nigeria has a foundational problem. The problem is rule of law and its enforcement. As long as we have this centralized Nigerian Police Force (NPF), we will go nowhere. The NPF WILL NOT and CANNOT work, period.

How can it work? Up till today, the NPF has not been able to fish out the criminals who killed Chief Bola Ige, the number one law enforcement officer of our nation. And you think they don't know?

Each state MUST have it's own PF for adequate law enforcement. It can be designed so the state governor cannot use the state police to intimidate his or her opponents, which is what most people fear about state police.

But we know the people who don't want that to happen; and we know why. They know that, with state police, there will no longer be domination, manipulation and intimidation from the center, and each state will be able to develop and progress at a different but progressive rate.

Any state with adequate law enforcement will curb crimes better, protect lives and property better, have peace, encourage investment, progress faster, etc. There may be some downside to having state police (nothing is perfect), but progress will be enhanced.

The people at the top are enjoying the rot and the inadequacy of our current system. What do you expect from a government that lies about how they negotiate with these kidnappers?

Nigeria remains the laughing stock of Africa. We are supposed to be the nation that should dictate the tune in Africa. Nigeria remains the colossus with the feet of clay. When Nigeria sneezes, no country in Africa catches anything; instead Nigeria itself has headache.
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