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Atiku/Kalu Feud: What Kalu fails to tell Nigerians
Author: Anonymous | March 09, 2009
I have tried so much to stay out of the stalemate between the former vice president, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and the immediate past governor of Abia State... (4) Comment



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Hamilton    Warri, Nigeria    March 29, 2009
I think u are either foolish, ignorant or a paid agent. Atiku is a worse thief than Kalu. I think the only person comparing with Atiku is Babangida. Atiku started stealing from when he was in Customs. He should tell Nigeria the business he was doing that made him own a company like INTEL Services .

I am not holding forth for Kalu but your write up is so biased that it is unfortunate that it was even published at all. You have apparently sold your soul to Atiku. Elder my foot. With elders like you, no wonder Nigeria is where we are today.
Martins    Barcelona, Spain    March 27, 2009
I think your consience doesn't exists any longer. When two people are making trouble and you weren't there. If you come meeting them judging themsleves.

You should be a good listener before you pass judgement if not you will be fool in the whole issue. Atiku and Orji were all thieves, even Atiku is worse cos he has handle federal projects even in Nigerian Wharf, the house he built in USA and Abuja, how come he made such money. man you people are reaping where you did not sow, infant being a ''parasite''
Paul    Port Harcourt, Nigeria    March 13, 2009
Elder Moses, I must commend you for been such an out spoken person, but just want to bring to your notice, that you were one sided in that piece.

All Nigerians, even you and i know quit well that all our past and present political office holders are corrupt, so next time dont try to buy favour or side a man because he is your State's or tribe man.

But, you try though.
Ben    Monrovia, Liberia    March 09, 2009
Finally Nigeria's salvation cometh!..a falling out among thieves. Our prayer.. may their disagreements never be resolved!
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