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Amodu Shuaibu is our problem!
Author: Suleiman Nasiru | May 04, 2009
SPORT is a viable unifying factor in Nigeria, it is during sports competitions that you will see Nigerians coming together irrespective of their differences... (1) Comment



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idris abu    clear lake, usa    May 03, 2009
If dummies are selected by profound dummies to chose a coach , what do you expect? a genius?

Of course not, a double whammy dummy, from galadima to lulu to ndanusa, do you think these folks care on the path of progress nigeria is heading, never, the bottom line is linning their pockets with monies meant for soccer development, nigeria used to strike fears in any opponent in this world,thanks to these clowns in succession, they have ruined the glorious game nigeria covet so much.

Abacha where are you? in your time, nigeria was the toast of the universe in soccer, now with dummy musa yara do nothing, with the so called AGF aondoakaa there to get a cut of loot from various parastatals, nigeria has plunged into abbys of soccer nobody.....

Once a soccer power house now a door mat for any international team. thanks to another product of a the dummy institution, the so called coach amodu shaibu. this man is not a coach period.

I can guarantee you anything, nigeria is not going to the copa mudial in south africa come 2010 if the problem is not addressed quickly. flushout the so call glass house adminitrators and give amodu shaibu the red card, call quickly mr wesrhof to come to our rescue world cup qualifier for us again.
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