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The dilemma of a sick President
Author: Anthony Joseph Onoh | December 24, 2009
When in 2007 former President Olusegun Obasanjo chose Umaru Yaradua as his successor in office, there were reports in every news media about his failing... (4) Comment



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Capone    Hackney, London, UK    January 21, 2010
Is Yaradua dead or alive? That is the question.Many people are speculating about this and I am worried that we cannot reach to an understanding. We had a protest here in London and people are begininng to get weary with a lot of unanswered questions.

How on earth can a President of a country get sick and we know about it from rumours? This is not happening in this new millennium! A southern president would not have survived such arrogance such as the Yaradua's and his Northern cohorts. But I dont blame them, just as this author said, Obasanjo (a southerner) knew he was sick and yet, imposed him on us. A sick leader in a sick country.
Lukman Haruna    Abuja, Nigeria    January 20, 2010
The South should just be quiet and let the president recover from his illness. Recently, the court has spoken that it is not necessary for Yaradua to hand over power to Jonathan before the later can exercise it. Jonathan is the vice president and once the president is absent, in his place comes his vice. What else does the south want from Yaradua? The country is being run correctly and we have the house and the senate to enact laws that can be used to govern the country effectively.
Chris    Manchester, UK    January 18, 2010
This is a stunning revelation; that Obasanjo knew he was sick and imposed him on Nigerians.
A beautiful and interesting piece. Does anyone know anything about this guy(Yaradua)? God bless Nigeria
Agunwa    Lagos, Nigeria    January 14, 2010
I think he is already dead so there is no need for prayers to have his speedy recovery.
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