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Wole Soyinka: Grandiose and Grumbled
Author: Anthony Joseph Onoh | January 25, 2010
When Ketu H. Katrak tagged Dr. Wole Soyinka "Africa's most accomplished playwright, poet, novelist, auto-biographer, editor, critic and commentator on... (5) Comment



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Prince    Seul, S. Korea    January 27, 2010
We are not fools. I knew it from the onset that it was a wrong decision to ask Yaradua to resign. Resign for what? Because he is sick? There is nothing that needed to be done which has been left undone by the Vice President, Jonathan Goodluck. This article has said it all, if Jonathan was handed over, he can change everything completely and began his own rule and Yaradua's return would also change the whole thing again.

Besides, no body know for sure whether Yaradua is really unfit to govern. If any doctor can certify him unfit, then it will be appropriate for him to hand over, but until then, we should just pray for his quick recovery.
mscroft    ,     January 27, 2010
so by your reasoning, only political opponets should stage rallies, and these should not be done because there is an elected government? Elected government does not equal a lack of freedom of speech. please before you go about writing this kind of crap, go and read up on what democracy is you ASS
Chiedu    Lagos, Nigeria    January 25, 2010
it is imperative to know that the people calling for President Yaraduas resignaton are his political rivals. No one in his right sense of mind can quarrel with someone because he is sick.

I dont know why the urgency in transfering power to Vice President Jonathan. If Prof. Soyinka and the others who are demanding for Yaraduas resignation have any information which we dont have, they should let us know. I think this article reflects the silence of many of us that cannot understand what is going on.

It is just about power and power drunkeness, and selfish pursuits. We need to remain calm and pray for our dear leader until it is proven that he cannot stand fit to carry on with his constitutional duties.
waka-about    Texas, USA    January 25, 2010
From your logic Nigerians and the rest of the world should remain in limbo because "Granting full presidential powers to Jonathan will empower him to not only make personal decisions based on his own ideological inclination but will allow him to change the entire structure of the national government" . If Jonathan is truly the Vice President, then why are you so scared of Jonathan?

Nigeria is turning into a laughing joke around the world and you are worried about ministers and speciall advisers.

You also cloud your writing with misleading comments. Is Soyinka asking for Yar'Adua to hand over to Jonathan or for yar'Adua to resign? Does handing over mean that Yar'Adua has resigned? Please stick to the facts. Is Soyinka asking for Yar'Adua to handover simply because he is sick or because so far his actions seem to insinuate that he is not able to perform his duites. If you are so adamant that Yar'Adua is capable to lead the country, why don't you demand that you see concrete proof - video, pictures, etc of him performing his duties. A picture of him signing the budget that people use to steall your money and stuff their pockets would have been nice too

If Yar'Adua is fit to continue then by all means he should but if he is not it is not his choice to decide if he should hold on.

If he is not capable of performing his duties, then what excactly is the big deal of handing over to his VP? What are you really afraid of? Being afraid that the VP will change ministers makes no sense for the average Nigeria unless you are benefiting directly from the status quo

I think you should ponder this post below and think about why it was done by the US President and then ask yourself why you think it should be different for Nigerians. "Sept 4, 1998 - Vice President Cheney will assume the presidency on an acting basis today when President Bush undergoes general anesthesia for a routine colon examination, the White House said yesterday.

Bush will transfer powers under the 25th Amendment, which permits the president to voluntarily hand over authority when he is unable to perform his duties. The White House said Cheney will probably be in charge for about 21/2 hours while Bush recovers from the effects of the sedative.
naija sha    bastrop, LA, usa    January 25, 2010
mr waka about i know know why you dey waste your energy and efforts on a failed country. na dem sabi, you wan tell me say suppose na hausa man be vice president and the president na southener and he sick for 2 months wen no body know weather he is alive or dead, them no go don transfer power to the vp?

you know the consitution paper should be burnt and lets the govt. be managed by the events as they unfold cos.......nigerian constitution na rubbishoooo....Period.
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