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Developing Research May Help Repair The Ozone Hole
Author: David Stephen | May 22, 2011
The Ozone layer is a layer of Gas in the upper atmosphere that protects planet Earth from dangerous ultraviolet rays, It has been useful for life on Earth... (4) Comment



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OMOTAYO, J. A.    Lagos, NIGERIA    June 06, 2011
My Stephen, I went through your link in detail. I want you to go over it again. There is enough percentage of oxygen, O2, in the atmosphere at 20.7% compared with ozone, O3, at 2 - 8%. There is the ozone - oxygen cycle in the air with oxidation and reduction cycle too. In any case, the chloride ion, Cl-, is heavier than air and will gravitate out of the stratosphere in 5 - 7 yrs (not 50 yrs). Naturally, the reduction of ozone to oxygen should be mitigated by then unless there is another pollution. If I have time, I shall write a rejoinder with much details. Till then. God save Nigeria.
David Stephen    Surulere, Nigeria    June 04, 2011
Thanks,A detailed article is available here: the solution to ozone depletion is natural, but the artificial proposition of this research posits artificial solution that can come when we want than 50years time total natural recovery.

As is said, ozone depletion effects are felt today and also linked to Climate change, so the research is looking forward but further scientific and technical review will shape the work and save for a necessary time.

OMOTAYO, J. A.    Lagos, NIGERIA    June 01, 2011
An educative and informative write up by Mr. Stephen. In both chemical equations (1) and (2), the information gained is that there is a reduction of ozone, O3, to oxxgen, O2, in the atmosphere. No where has the author shown that these molecular oxygen are excited by UV from the sun to produce oxone back. My inference is that there must have been super-abundant oxygen molecules in the atmosphere that have not been excited to form oxone. Adding more oxygen artificially may be creating a pull of redundant molecules that may never go into chemical reaction. But since chlorine ion, Cl-, is one of the reducing agents, I think that limiting its quantity in hydrocarbons may reverse the oxone depletion trend. God save Nigeria.
Langrde    Lagos, Nigeria    May 28, 2011
Good research work, for now or the future? should be workable, Keep up.
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