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How Obasanjo and the striking doctors kiled my friend!
Author: Idris Bello | March 06, 2007
How does one begin a sordid tale like this? How does one begin to recount the atrocities of a nation that derives joy from murdering its best people in... (3) Comment



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monsurat Agboke (nee Bello)    ,     October 17, 2012
Bro AbdHameed, its just like yesterday . Your face and memory of time we shared together keep coming to my mind. Its five years now and we still remember you, especially for the fact that you always bring smiles to our faces and the role you played in my admission into University of Ibadan years back.
May Allah accept you into Aljannah firduas. May He continue to bless those you left behind: your children, parents, siblings and all your loved ones.
Dr. I.O. Albert    Ibadan, Nigeria    April 03, 2007
Hameed's death is a great loss to Nigeria. The circumstances under which he lived and died should be a source of worry to all us.

Hameed was definitely one of the best brains in this country but he was never given the opportunity to flower. He tried his hands on many innovative projects but was frustrated at each point by the social structure of the country in which he unfortunately found himself.

His first degree was in Food Tech. I encouraged him to come to the University of Ibadan to do a Masters degree in Peace and Conflict Studies. At the end of the course, he came top in a class dominated by lawyers, political scientists, historians, philosophers and the like.

This enabled him to start the Ph.D immediately. In the course of the Masters degree program, he got three international fellowships: US, Netherlands and France.

He spent most of the money he brought back to Nigeria in buying books and all that would make him do better on his studies. And then he was cut down in his prime by a country has no plans for the younger generation.

The best that can be done at this moment is to hope and pray for a Nigerian society in which responsible political leadership shall be enthroned. Hammed - we all miss you.

Rest in peace. May the only child you left behind surpass you in achievements, longlife and prosperity.
AKTJ Noonrayn    Ibadan, Nigeria    March 28, 2007
Abdul Hameed, My former Boss is dead! My Boss of Barr Communications!!!

I can't believe this untill someone called me and informed me that he is no more. A man who have respect for his country, I can remember in his usual word, he said he can't leave as an indigen of other country except in his country (Nigeria), but to which he gave up the ghost when the mere country cannot take care of him.

Haven read the article from Bro. Idris, it is now I feel the absence of my Boss whom I learnt a lot from him about Information Communication Technology (ICT). It is a pity that I have lost someone of a great integrity, faithfulness and .....

Abdul Hameed, where are you??!!

May you rest in perfect peace, may Allah overlook you sins, and grant you eternity. May Allah stay with the family - wife and daughter, parents, brothers and sisters of those you live behind.

To those who have caused the disaster;
the armed robbers, you shall surely meet your Lord one day;
the bus driver who ride on the wrong path, you shall....
to the foolish striking doctors who killed my boss, your life is at stake, you shall account for all those who died in your customdy

and finally to the Nigeria government whose life of the citizenry are less concern, continue to rule the world and see..... sometimes ago, it takes you nothing to take your Yar'Adua out of the country cause of his health, but we, your people are dying here, suffering.....

To God be the glory.

AKTJ Noonrayn
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