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TALKBACK NIGERIA: What I Like About Nigeria
Author: HACKED | April 30, 2007
Tell us what you love about Nigeria. Submit your happy emotions, experiences, moments, stories etc that make you just love Nigeria. The last few weeks... (6) Comment



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Dozie    Austin, TX, USA    May 02, 2007
In deed, Nigerians, especially the young one, deserve better; much better. Nigeria is also a country with vast resources, enough to make Nigeria a competing world power.

The problem with Nigeria, at least, as I see it is that Nigerians have a very corrupt mind. You see this even in America.

A Nigerian does not just want what is his, he usually wants more - the jara. A Nigerian does not want a win-win business deal; no, the Nigerian will have no peace of mind except he is convinced he got a better deal.

Often he congratulates himself by calling the other person - the Mugu.

The other problem with Nigeria (our debt to the young ones) is that Nigerians have failed to develop our economy. Politics has become the occupation of choice.

Look around Nigeria, every company that is doing well is either owned by foreigners or managed by them. We have abandoned the responsibility to harness and manage our resources and have left this endeavor to foreigner.

It pains me that whenever I arrive the Murtala Mohammed Airport in Lagos and notice that the people driving the best cars are foreigners. Often they are driven by poor Nigerians.

This does not happen in Whiteman's land. Look at your big stores, your import businesses - they are run by Lebannese and Indians. You ask: where are Nigerians? You find they are in businesses that do not require thinking - 419, politics (Nigerian type).

Nigeria is corrupt and you will see how many ex Governors and politicians will be arrested for corruption following May 29.

Is Nigeria therefore without hope? No. We will have to revamp our educational system, recognizing that our educational system has failed us woefully.

The armed robbery in our country is a result of failed education; corrupt politicians are results of failed educational system; the abundance of mediocre men and women who went to school but acquired no tangible skills and often cheated their way out of school is a result of failed educational system.

If we realize where we have failed, perhaps we can begin to construct a new Nigeria for the sake of those behind.
yemi sunday    munich, germany    May 01, 2007
nigerian is great country, with the most hard working people in the world...but the only reason i like nigeria is bcoz i was born there and my dad lives can u love a country that is 5 kilometer 4rm hell fire...

where the people sleep and wake up with no hope in sight...the bus driver is an armed robber,the city stinks 2 high heaven...where everyone is a vampire....
Kayode    Dayton, Ohio, USA    May 01, 2007
I am always amazed at the kind of critical comments I hear Nigerians abroad make about our dear homeland.

Often times these are from Nigerians who grew up to their twnties and thirties in Nigeria. I can only comment that such people truly do not appreciate the potential that is in Nigeria.

Omotayo got it right. Nigeria is a blessed country. I once came across an american who had come into Nigeria on business in the late 1990's and having spent only four days as at the time I met him, he had this comemnt to make. He said that Nigeria is a gold mine. The endless possibilities and potential in Nigeria was obvious to this man after only four days.

Nigeria remains the one country in the world with the highest return on investment. This is a fact from the world bank itself. Simply put, money appreciates the fastest in Nigeria compared to all other countries of the world!

I like Nigeria because for the people with purpose and vision and with persevarance, Nigeria is a land of endless possibilities.

I lived to well above my thirties in Nigeria before coming over to the United States and having lived in the U.S. for seven years, it is becoming more obvious to me that a country like Nigeria indeed is the place to invest for the future.

I know we presently lack a government with vision and while I maintain that the outgoing government has failed in many areas, I can only hope that whichever government comes in can begin to lay the foundation for a future for our people.

Nigerians deserve better than they have gotten over the years. The average Nigerian is looking for a good example from the top and is ready to make a change of heart if a good example is set. We need leaders who will set forth the vision of a new Nigeria and live by example and not by word of mouth only.

I feel bad when I recall teenagers who have their whole future before them being reduced to hawking 'pure water' on the streets while governors and local government chairmen who should be busy investing in the future of the unborn are accumulating billions of naira and fat bank accounts and all kinds of exotic cars.

What is the point having a fat bank account and driving the latest cars from europe when you have to keep looking over your shoulders because you fear for your life. Provide the jobs, industry, hospitals, roads, electricity for the people.

Give the people a reason to believe in Nigeria and you will take the armed robbers out of the streets. Then you will be free to enjoy some of the loot you have stolen. As it is, even the honest people cannot enjoy the fruits of their labour.

It would be a good thing if the armed robbers concentrate their operations exclusively on the crooked and thieving politicians in Nigeria. Perhaps they would have a change of heart.

I recall Nigeria when electricity was available almost constantly. I recall Nigeria when you could travel on the highway and buy petrol at filling stations almost anytime of the day without fear of being attacked by hoodlums.

I recall Nigeria when you could stop on the highway and buy yams or farm produce and the villager selling did not need to be present. All you did was put the money indicated on the place provided and take your goods.

Nobody was cheating anybody. Yes I recall that Nigeria as a child. What happened to us?
OMOTAYO, J. A.    Lagos, NIGERIA    April 30, 2007
I have often told my family, relatives, friends and colleagues that Nigeria remains the only place on earth with all the qualities of the biblical garden of Eden.

Fruits are in abundance all year round. Eat a piece of mango fruit and throw the seed away on a wet day. You may discover months later that another that you have unconsciously transplanted another mango tree into the place where the seed was initially thrown. Food crops are numerous and cash crops same.

Rainfall is moderate as there are no destructive monsoons and floods. Think of the devastation experienced in Japan, China, India, etc yearly as a consequence of flood.

Correspondingly, there are no extreme drought as would be expected from our African neighbours: Niger, Chad, Sudan, etc.

Wind is moderate too. No destructive hurricanes like those sweeping across America and other developed countries of the world. We have heard and read about hurricanes moving at about 120 miles per hour destroying towns, cities and at times regions in America, Europe and Asia but not in Nigeria.

Temperature is moderate. Just about 30 deg C to 45 deg C. This variation is within the normal human temperature put at 37.2 deg C approximately. Russia, Australia, etc experience extremes of temperature from year to year varying from -5 deg C to about 40 deg C. No need to stay in-door for a whole day or weeks and apply heating oil or gas to survive as is usually the situation with those countries mentioned above.

There are no landslides that have often buried tens and hundreds of people in unstable hillside in many parts of America and Europe. Correspondingly, there are no avalanche (movement of ice) causing deadly and destructive strikes similar to that experinced in Galtur, Australia a few years ago.

Why would I not like Nigeria if God has so much blessed us that those things (temperature, rainfall, landslide, avalanche, etc) we can see are far better than those of our counterparts all over the world. Those things we cannot see bucause they are buried below our matching feet are things of treasure.

These include solid minerials of vaious makes as well as crude oil and gas. Since the 1960s till date, gas flaring has continued without a stop for a second. Yet the gas is still inexhaustible! The same can be said of crude oil. New descoveries are being made whether onshore or offshore.

In the area of human capital, Nigerians are not wanting in all fields of endeavour. Think of the Awojobi, Emeagwali, Damian, Nnaji, Omojokun, Soyinka, Dick Tiger, Kanu, Fela, etc. They have all distinguished themselves.

Surely Nigeria is a blessed country. God created it for a purpose which I think is to lead the world. I am happy to be a Nigerian.

We are having a very trying moment. Like Mr. Buhari put it when he took over power from Mr. Shagari, "We do not have another country to call our home, we shall remain here to salvage it together".

On this note, I say God bless Nigeria.
frank    istanbul, turkey    April 30, 2007
nothing like some one's home, home is verysweet. but this love can be perfect when the people of nigeria love their self. you love your country but inside that country there is no love. many discrimination,tribarizim,hate.
Dozie    Austin, TX, USA    April 30, 2007
What I like about Nigeria is that I have family (near and extended) there, period.

Otherwise, I would not pass through it on my way to another country. I am glad that Omotayo like the fruits and all that; but where is the air to breathe?

How do you sleep at night - if you are not scared of armed robbers, you have mosquitos to worry about. Nigeria by all accounts is a failed experiment.
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