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Technology Widens Rich-Poor Gap
Author: Philip Emeagawali | November 22, 2007
Oil has made us billions and fuelled our economic stability, but oil has also become the bane of our existence. For some, it is a curse that has caused... (4) Comment



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Funke    London, United Kingdom    November 27, 2007
In my opinion the reason why a country rich in natural resources like Nigeria is still backwards is BAD LEADERSHIP..simple. If the head is bad the whole body is bad. Our leaders are greedy, inconsiderate, selfish, illiterate etc etc etc how is the country to develop?
OMOTAYO, J. A    Lagos, NIGERIA    November 26, 2007
This is a food for thought. Mr. Philip Emeagawali (Professor) has pointed out why a country like Nigeria is backward is spite of sitting on the black gold, petroleum. But is the issue as simple as he has resolved it?

China sits on one of the largest gold deposits in the world. But China is not as backward as any of the Third World countries. Russia sits on top of large oil and gas reserves. But Russia is not backward! She runs neck to neck with America, and has in fact outpaced the latter in space.

I do not know the solution(s) to the pursue now. I may have to re-visit the issue at any other time should I have a reasonable contribution to make. I hope my brother, Mr. Emeagawali, too will reflect on the issue as it affects China and Russia.

God bless Nigeria
Gaga Ekeh    Stafford, USA    November 25, 2007
I have 1 comment. Well 2. OLAP and OLTP. Nuff said.
Like greed, technology is good... at least on Wall St.
adebolujo adegoju    IKEJA, NIGERIA    November 24, 2007
Whaoo !. This In No Doubt A Greater Revealation. It Is Important For Us To Embrace,The Drive Towards Intellectual Capital.
However, Intellectuals Are Running Away From The System That Produced Them Rather They Are Pursuing Clay Of Gold.
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