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Author Name: kim
Number of articles: 4
Last article added: Nigeria: Back In The Days
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The Weird Things Happening In Our Society
Author: kim | November 10, 2008

Weird can be defined as anything strange or abnormal. It is not surprising that the society is getting weirder by the day. It is no longer safe for both the young and old. Brothers are killing brothers every day, friends betraying friends every minute. Last week, a woman beheaded her husband and dumped his body in a pit. How bad can it get? Whatever misunderstanding she had with her husband could have been resolved; killing him was definitely not the solution. Let̢۪s be frank, how will you feel if you were dead and buried and your grave was dug up and your skull removed? Some people engage in this kind of profession. A man with two wives and seven children told his story on crime fighters on how he made a living from the sale of human skulls. Now there is a possibility that when this man is short of skulls, he could kill just to stay in business. I believe that if members of a society have well paid jobs, a lot of unpleasant things could be avoided. Let us not forget the issue of kidnapping that has become so rampant. Apart from the Niger delta region, people are being held for ransom from their family members. We have a vision to see Nigeria as a better place by can we achieve this successfully? The future generations look up to us for guidance, we are setting an example. I wonder the kind of examples we are setting, let me guess, bad leadership, corruption, fraud and a host of others. It is evident that Nigeria is not getting better, so if we don̢۪t make it better, it would be our children and our children̢۪s children bearing the burden and suffering. Nigeria can not be better if we are not better.

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