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Author Name: kim
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Last article added: Nigeria: Back In The Days
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Nigerian food should be more patronized than foreign food.
Author: kim | October 22, 2008

Nigerian food should be more patronized than foreign food. Food they say is medicine. Healthy food is essential for good health and long life. Nigeria is blessed with a variety of food which goes a long way in helping the body repair worn out tissues and add nourishment to our body. Nigerian youths are fond of patronizing foreign food. Little do they know that the chemicals added as preservatives cause a lot of damage to the immune system. Health is wealth and so people should eat the right food. A simple liquid like water helps to reduce stress, hydrate the body system and prevents clotting of blood and so on. Soft drinks such as coke, fanta etc contain a lot of sugar which can cause diabetes. The consumption of these drinks should be reduced to the minimum. In their place, water should be taken. Fruits and vegetables should be one̢۪s companion now. They help to boost the immune system and serve as a shield to numerous diseases. When it comes to matters like these, taste doesn̢۪t matter. Don̢۪t get me wrong, its not a crime to indulge in junk food but it has to be rare. Remember if you don̢۪t take care of yourself, NO ONE WILL.

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Commander Samyoung Onwuzulike    Washington, DC, USA    November 10, 2008
Beloved Nigerians, We thank Our Mother Christ -Chukwu Ndigbo who teaches us motherly wisdom.

Any man who looks well have motherly wisdom. Nigeria foods are food for life but the people lack understanding in it's preparation. Too many Scienctist of Igbo origin failed to do research on how to increase production on our foods.

Ndigbo have local beans of many types, bitter leaf, Utazi, Uziza, Ugwa, Ugba, Anara, Rich Ugu etc. Most of these items can keeep one's life more longer if well prepared.

When I cook Spinach with Okra, Uziza leave, some Utazi leave, smoke Herring fish and add some croaker and catch fish and Ugba my people it makes me to refreshed. I use it to eat rice, beans, pumkin, potato etc.

Infact I don't eat meat, I am 59 years old but I am still kicking my leather soccer I love.
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