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Author Name: Nneoma
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Last article added: Rape In Nigeria
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Educational system in nigeria.
Author: Nneoma | October 28, 2008

The youths of this country nigeria will agree with me that it has a been a problem getting admission in most of the university in nigeria. The way at which admission are taken is not favourable to most people which is causing so much damage in our today's lives. Firstly, most students who are out of school find it difficult to get admission because after the examination most people go to the school authority for assistance n a way that admission will be granted to them. Due to this, the people who used their heads for the exams are left out, causing them to go back to rewrite joint administration matirculation boardJAMB) and staying at home for a long period of time. And if it contiunes to happen they get tired and start doing some little jobs to survive. The university authorities should look into the situation because most of them are the future leaders of this country Nigeria. Secondly, some the universities in our country take their indegenes before taking any people from other states. I for sure know most of the unversities that act like that which is unfair to most people who tried their best to purchase the forms for the exam and also tried to read and pass the exam but at the end of it their names were not on the list. These acts cause damage to brain because after a long time the things are all forgotten. Please we plead that let us help students because like i said before they are future leaders of this country and without them the country can not move forward. To conclude, this piece of advice goes to the students to work hard because nothing good comes easily and also the goverment should also look into the matter and lastly the university authorities should also contribute to the success of the students.

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