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Author Name: Karo E.K.D. Akamune
Number of articles: 12
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The Fostering of “Science & Technology” in Nigeria - Part I
Author: Karo E.K.D. Akamune | March 16, 2009

Our beloved country, Nigeria, has so much to benefit from Science and Technology. There are lots of blessings, hidden blessings, and obvious, open blessings to be generated from the growth, development, maturation and sustainability of Science and Technology. Numerous ideas and ideals can be unveiled in the process. Every government parastatal, each arm of government stands to gain. Every fabric of our society, all strata of the motherland can profit. Countless possibilities â good possibilities can accrue as a result. The time, the era, the epoch is imminent. The time is ripe for Nigeria to play her role as a standard bearer in the stage of Africaâs burgeoning development; her role as a torchlight in Africaâs renewal and renaissance and by extension, planet Earthâs scientific and technological evolution. We â the collective âweâ that make up this noble nation has what it takes to advance, to make progress. The collective, kaleidoscope-we, surely can put heads together, rub minds together. The multicultural, multi-ethnic âweâ, can cooperate to ensure the existence of systems and structures that are much needed for Science & Technology to be birthed, groomed and to thrive. We can tap into our God-given creative imagination to think, be innovative, to come up with scientific and technological breakthroughs that would provide answers to our varied problems, problems that hinder or prevent us from enjoying quality lifestyles. These would be answers that would help take care of social, economic, and educational problems that are unique to Nigeria and Africa. And from which other continents can learn and adapt or adjust to meet their own unique needs. This Ministry of Science & Technology is one that would or should evolve to be self-sustaining, even wealth-generating for the country. This ministry should also partner with other existing governmental ministries and non-governmental organizations both at home and abroad. My Nigerian brothers and sisters, it is my most sincere wish and desire to see that the Ministry of Science & Technology is fostered â made to thrive, to shine, to mature. This ministry can be organized, administered and run in a unique way that Nigerians would be stimulated to grow psychologically and intellectually. This growth would augment the capacity of the so-called âordinary manâ to address and meet his material needs. The work of this ministry would contribute to supporting and promoting the much-needed civilizational, social and individual personality growth of people in our many communities. There would be a direct, concerted approach to converting the plenteous natural resources into goods and services. Goods and services that are of lasting value, poverty alleviating, health promoting, pleasure-leisure enhancing, mind stimulating and even soul satisfying. Together as a people, the privilege is ours to usher in the dawn of a new era. An era where there are viable systems and structures in place to promote the maturation and development of our motherland. In this day, we uphold the principles and purpose of sustainability. Yes, not only growth and development but also sustainability â sustainability and continuity. With commitment and as a people under God, these ideas and ideals are doable. The process would take years, even decades. And it is noteworthy to say that we have begun to take our first steps, even baby steps. We have begun to lay a solid foundation for work and service. Nigeria has begun to build.

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