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Author Name: gaga ekeh
Number of articles: 22

The year 2020 is upon us. While much ado is to be made about the upcoming 2019 elections, looking... (0) Comment

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Can Nigeria Win the World Cup?
Author: gaga ekeh | November 24, 2009

Can Nigeria Win the World Cup? One remembers the days of Nigeria's stars of years gone by. Men like "Mathematical"Segun Odegbami and Adokie Amesimaka. The late great Best Ogedengbe always had me assured that we would not be disgraced in the back-field, and who can forget the "ekpe" of Godwin Odiye, the own-goal that did us in? But those days are indeed in the past. More recently, I have enjoyed watching the mastery of Philip Osondu and Christopher Nwosu who, at the under-16 level, thrilled the world with dexterity and skill. The one match I recall with much anxiety and drama, and then great happiness, is thatparticular semi-final match, under-16, Nigeria v. Italy, when Christopher Nwosu triumphed over the magic of Capelini, and scored the lone goal to lead us to victory. I remember the joyous shout that overtook the entire area at that goal. Especially so for us who worshiped at the same church with Oyin, Our Lady's Seat of Wisdom. It had become our Lady's Seat of Football. Soccer serves a unifying function in Nigeria. Then of course came the likes of Chris Ohenhen and his bend-it-like-Beckham freekicks. Of course he was before Beckham became famous, but if you ask the Egyptian juniors they would say that he was more deadly. He scored two goals in one match with those wicked freekicks, one day, and I declared him a guru. He was in the era of Nosa Osadolor et al. They did well. But the most celebrated of all Nigeria's teams, even more recently, was the 1996 Olympic Gold Medal team, that beat Brazil and then Argentina. The Olympic level is under-23, but it is as close to a senior-level tournament win for Nigeria as we have ever had. Since we won the first under-16 championship the promise of Nigeria's soccer talent has gone largely unfulfilled. But if the lessons learned from the Olympics are anything to go by, then one thing is now certain: While Nigeria is now expected to qualify for the World Cup in a regular fashion, there are those of us who feel that a showing less than the semi-finals would be a disappointment. The question, Emeka, remains: Can Nigeria win the World Cup? Or, I should ask you my brother, this way--Why not? Why can't Nigeria win the World Cup? For me it is not a question of talent but of coaching. I watched the cadre of coaches at the national level when they used to come to the UI sports field, in the hey-dey of men like Tunji Adeyemi and Dimeji Lawal, and was impressed by the quality of Nigerian coaches. Alas, I protest, that at the highest levels politics has stiffled Nigerian coaching so that the best players are not fielded and neither the best ideas implemented. I would like to see the Nigerian coach, this coming world cup, in the name of Shango, the god of thunder and my patron saint, exhibit the kind of intelligence because of which black people in South Africa, the host country, are no longer considered less intelligent. If it means making the world of our coaches devoid of politics and enabling of indigenous ideas, then let it be so. Nigeria, we have for too long been the ugly duckling amongst the world's greatest. It is time to demonstrate what I know is true of a Nigerian team led by a Nigerian man who knows himself. It is time, Nigeria, for us to win the Soccer World Cup. Then bring it back to Sapele for safe keeping in Chief Abeke's house. I shall clean it myself every evening.

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Pastor Commander Samyoung Onwuzulike    Washington, DC, USA    October 26, 2010
Beloved Nigerians, Kwarangida No Bi Marriage. To sleep with a Lady is not marrying. Nigerians get married to truth.

Nigeria winning the world cup is not a problem. The marriage of Nigerians is based on our love for soccer. I love soccer and play soccer, but soccer to Nigerians is Kwarangida says by Steven Osita Osadebe. He says that Kwarangida no bi marriage. Treating Cancer only with pain killer drug can never cure cancer.

Nigerians seek you the Truth, with the knowledge of understanding of the truth. We shall be free and become the true giant not for Africa only, but of the entire universe. Spirit is the truth. When we have the Spirit of the truth in us, it will ends all Nigeria factors of tribalism, sexism, regionalism, regilious issues, classism, corruptions and exalt Nigeria above all shadows of darkness.

This my generation will not pass before Nigeria will rises above all odds of external influence that are ruling Nigeria from back yards.

George Washington and his group built USA. I Pastor Commander Samyoung Onwuzulike and Christ Commanders Last Salvation Angels Must Build Nigeria.

Nigeria Government sent me to USA 1988 to Get Off Shore Refinery for Nigeria. I am coming with Supernatural Power Refinery of Last Salvation that Arrests all Spirits and Mind of all Gods of the Universe and refined them for good works.

President Johnathan and Nigerians there is no hiding place any more in the universe for liars. Jesus Christ Our Commander in Chief has removed all stones that covered the truth with Mary Madgalene and Martha. Even the stones in Egypt, Rome, Israel and Saudi Arabia. None is left untouched.(John 11:39-42)

Run to Rome, Jerusalem, America, London, Mecca you are uncovered now. The answer is not far from you, look round. Baba Mecca, Rome and Jerusalem your Nigeria is your holy place. The answer is not there you are going to waste our economy.

Thank you.
Armstrong Nosa Oni    London,, UK    March 09, 2010
Yes with adequate preparation and giving the Manager a free hand to run the team without interference. Lest I forget not by fielding players who are bench warmers in their clubs in europe
Paul I. Adujie    New York City, United States    November 24, 2009
WHY NOT? Let us all, ROOT for the Nigerian Green Eagles!
fela    pomona, usa    November 24, 2009
Absolutely, Nigeria can lift the trophy, if and only if nigerian fact is eliminated, last minute preparation, no sound warm up matches are arranged, a savvy technician who knows who to field at different positions and can disect and put up plans to thwart opponents plans in various matches. utilize seasoned and hungry players both from abroad and local leagues.........and most of all not to let amodu shaibu to be the chief architect of the eagles plans, then we have a solid chance.
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