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Author Name: David Stephen
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The Nigerian Meteorological Agency Should Help Nigerians
Author: David Stephen | July 27, 2011

The Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET) has been doing well in predictions and forecast of rainfall patterns through the years in Nigeria, these forecasts have their advantages, some help to shape preparation before and through the rainy season. Rainfall predictions by NIMET in the last few years have been on the high side so when that of this year was outlined; it appeared like usual not knowing what was coming and how important it was. July 2011 rainfall in Nigeria has been different, according to NIMET more of similar magnitude may follow in late August; in our hopes and desire we wonât want to see destructions and casualties that followed heavy rainfall of this month again. Following hurricane and volcano predictions in the West, communities and residents are told to evacuate to a safe place or follow stated safety tips in event of these devastations. For floods and erosion in Nigeria, there should be publicized safety measures for people in flood or erosion prone areas. Sometimes when predictions come without safety measures or tips, the question of what do you expect us to do reasonably follows? There are states and federal safety agencies that can suggest safety tips to people in these times. People should be told that it is unsafe to walk barefooted during rainfall on a path covered by colored water. Apart from risk of guinea worm or related infestation, stepping on sharp objects or hitting the foot against a stone may occur. It is usual for certain pedestrians to walk shoeless on paths flooded by water not minding the risks in water they canât see through. People should also be told to avoid exposing themselves to downpours accompanied by heavy winds because of health concerns. While some believe they can nimbly survive, health risk lie within periods of exposure. These and more safety measures may accompany predictions or come as sequel to predictions. For those in erosion prone areas, government works and response matter, there are workable and cost effective erosion control methods available for state governments online suggesting short and long term solutions for safety of their people. Safety tips for erosion sites may include staying away from direction of heavy water flow, precaution when walking on muddy paths and avoid walking on sloppy paths immediately after erosion. Simple as these instructions appear, it will save lives and avoid heedless loss apparent in recent times. NIMET forecast section may need to collaborate with safety agencies or develop safety tips to follow predictions in times of flooding and erosion.

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