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Author Name: adetutu onadeko
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The latest monetary policy by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) aimed at easing pressures on cash transactions... (1) Comment

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Where are the Nigerian pastors?
Author: adetutu onadeko | January 14, 2012

Is pastor Tunde Bakare the only pastor we have in this nation? Where are the likes Where is the General Overseer of the church whose members were massacred in the north some days ago? Not even a comment in the papers! .They all sit down in their well-built magnificent Headquarters edifice and ask us to fast and pray. Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ did not only fast and pray for us, He went to the cross for us...And they expect us to pay tithes at the month end. Where do they expect us to get it from? I doubt if our pastors will subsidize our tithes and offerings. We are the labourers...Pls, don't get me not attacking our Men of God...I know they mean well but their silence is saying otherwise... We are not asking them to fight and shoot guns... Just their presence is enough. Imagine what wil happen if we have JUST five General Overseers on the streets with one million members each.... Just imagine the outcome. We all know what the likes of great men of Bishop Desmond Tutu did in Apartheid South Africa. Rev Martin Luther King...Rev Jesse Jackson...Bishop Ajayi Crowther...Hariet mention a few...Biblical Esther, Moses, Gideon, Daniel, Jeremiah, Nehemiah, Elijah, Stephen and all the New testament Apostles...they all took an active part in shaping the destiny of their nations...what shall we remember them for? Where is pastor Adeboye that prayed for "Badluck" before he took office now? Oh,last time I checked, "Badluck" literally called him God so he must be in some place high. Thanks for reading this.

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Pastor Commander Samyoung onwuzulike    Washington, DC, USA    January 23, 2012
Thank you for your question, may be you were not aware of my declaration about Boko Haram. I said let President speak and Nigerians accept my request to quench the fire of Boko Haram with National Prayer in Abuja. I even gave them my life for ransom on this issue. I said if the President allows me and helps me to hold a national prayer in Abuja, if after the prayer Boko Haram continues put me in prison for been a liar. My mission is to reclaim Nigeria and the entire universe for Christ.
KT    Oxon, U.K.    January 22, 2012
I would expect a Man of God to seek God's direction on this sensitive and critical issue, and not to just respond to pressures from man - as you know 'Our ways are not the Lord's ways'.
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