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Author Name: Patrick Henry
Number of articles: 5
Last article added: Abuja and Its Politicians
Abuja, more than any other city in Nigeria is the home of Nigeria’s growing political class. “Political... (0) Comment

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Political Rumors and Surprises: The Dust has Cleared
Author: Patrick Henry | January 07, 2007

Nigeria’s politics (or polity as we like to say) retains some of the most colorful characters you can come across. Some of them prefer “red”. The secrets, the lies and the treachery are part of this live soap opera. Because of the “closet” mentality of our politicians, the general public, particularly the media have resorted to creating explanations to some of the events that take place. In many cases, these are inferred based on observations, rather than access to the inner circle of people affected by the events. In some instances, they turn out right, others totally wrong. Below is an illustration of some of the drama and how time has revealed whether accurate or not. Third term – Was it myth, “bogey” or real? We now know it was real and certainly served as food for the media Yar adua as PDP presidential aspirant – from being a Presidential Favorite which was known, to possibly succeeding Baba which was speculated to now being the PDP Presidential ticket holder. IBB wanting to come back – was the biggest yoyo event. With his son being arrested as a possible deterrent. However he denied any interest in the position till he went to pick up the form in full media glare. Once that happens you can’t deny anymore. Gusau wanting to run for President – from saying nothing, to hearing nothing. This was probably the most silent interest in the presidency ever. He was seen on TV holding press conferences but no one seemed to hear what he was saying. He may also be blind, as he did not read the writing on the wall. Ojo Madueke’s resentment for Onyema Ugochuku despite a friendship of over 30 years. From being frat brothers at UNN to Baba’s golden haired boys or is it blue eyed boys. It turns out these two Abia men are now at logger heads over the prime prize, God Father in Abia. One wants to be God Father the other wants to be Governor – neither wants to let go for the other. Marwa being Objs anointed – from banning of Al Barka to his EFCC detention and his unapproved utterance at the Sosoliso Crash “convention” (better known as confusion) every effort was made to dispel this rumor. We also know his criticism of Atiku did not have Presidential backing. He was only kissing ass. It’s usually not a good idea to kiss an ass that has just mooned you. However, the former Governor of Lagos state insisted on moving ahead. Now we (including him) know that he is not anointed. Atiku being the financial backer of AC – after being selected unanimously as the Presidential Ticket holder for this party what other conclusion can be made. Okonjo-Iweala as anybody’s Vice President or Presidential Candidate – from being moved to MoFA as “grooming” ground for her to take on higher office to her resignation and frequent visits to Nigeria suggesting she was “in waiting”. Well clearly she is not part of any ticket for PDP. And she cannot make the mistake of moving anywhere else before our “leader” throws something at her or her brothers. IBB running under NDP – we are still waiting for this one to grow wings. Biggest Surprises – Good luck Jonathan as Vice President – from not wanting to be Governor – then became one to not wanting to be on any Presidential Ticket is now part of one. What else will Goodluck Jonathan not want and eventually get? How about not wanting resolution of the hostage situation in the South South. Obj allowing the process to continue – that PDP had a convention is somewhat of a miracle. That the voter registration process is going on is another miracle. If the elections happen next year, you know Jesus is living in Nigeria. Buhari coming back as ANPP Presidential aspirant – Why would this party pick someone who was kicked out of office by his fellow officers, lost the election in 2003 and his VP died shortly after. He may be savvy, articulate and sharp but he needs to share Jonathan’s first name over the next few months. IBB withdrawing from the race – the all powerful political trickster tripped himself rather than be tripped. He appears relevant, but insists on tying his shoe lace himself even though he can afford to pay someone to do it for him.

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