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Author Name: Suleiman Nasiru
Number of articles: 76
Last article added: Is N5,000 Stipend Politicised?

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President Jonathan: Between Ambition and honour
Author: Suleiman Nasiru | February 24, 2014

When we talked about honour we mean personal integrity, strong moral character or strength, and adherence to ethical principles. Great respect and admiration, dignity, personal dignity that sometimes lead to recognition and glory. Somebodys' good name or good reputation, for instance a gift, award that signifies high achievement, desire or success. While ambition can be described as a strong feeling of wanting to be successful in life and achieve great things at all cost, a man driven by ambition hardly thinks of honour. He is ready to pay any price to get his goal, his ambition is all that drive him. The latter can be said to be the force driving President Goodluck Jonathan. Many have concluded that his ambition has been his major source of trouble. The desire in him to run for the presidency come 2015 is the reason why the political landscape of Nigeria is heated. And this is why the 2015 general elections are being dreaded by many Nigerians. Many are expressing the fear that the said prediction of the USA about Nigeria breaking up come 2015 might just come to pass because of the ambition of some, which the president is one. Of truth, the challenges before President Goodluck Jonathan are enormous and complicated. You could say there has never been a President faced with enormous challenges compared to President Jonathan. As a nation, there was no time Nigeria faced the challenge of fighting insurgents than now. Not even the Civil war the nation experienced can be compared to the present challenges. The rate at which kidnap and hostage taking surge calls for serious concern. At the same time Nigerians believed that there has never been a government so insensitive to the plight of the citizenry like the present administration. Many have accused the president of abandoning the citizens to their plight because of his ambition. Aside the terror activities in the country, the nation's economy has come under serious attack by economic terrorists in different forms and has succeeded in depleting the fortunes of the nation. The president was accused of complacency in all the troubles the nation is facing. For instance many believed those who are stealing the nation's oil in the Niger Delta region can be dealt with if the government is serious, if not for anything, but for the damage the activities of these oil thieves has caused the nation. The size of the damage is so big that most states of the federation are having issues with salary payment as a result of the short-fall in the Federal Allocation. Despite all these, some people within the kitchen cabinet of Jonathan still have the gut to keep part of the oil revenue to the tune of 50 billion dollars. At least the CBN Governor Sanusi Lamido Sanusi's letter to the President suggested so. Analysts said a serious government will declare a state of emergency in that sector, but this administration is doing little in the fight against oil theft just for the sake of ambition. Many also accused the president of shielding corrupt officials, who they said he considered sacred because of the role he believed they will play in his re-election bid. And these have robbed the citizens the dividends of democracy. Observers said President Jonathan is ready to pay the price no matter what, just to ensure he achieved the goal of remaining in power till 2019. The constitutionality of his being able to run for the post of the president is still a subject of debate. But even if he has the constitutional right to contest for the presidency come 2015, President Jonathan was accused of reneging on an earlier agreement he entered with some northern governors that he was going to run for just one term and that is not honourable. An honourable man is the one who say yes and stick to the yes no matter what. Niger State Governor, Dr. Mua'zu Babangida Aliyu shocked Nigerians when he first revealed that President Goodluck Jonathan signed an agreement in 2011 with Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) leaders and governors to serve only one term as president. Aliyu on a live radio programme, âGuest of the Weekâ, on Liberty Radio (91.7), Kaduna open up on the signed agreement with the President and said the rumoured interest of Jonathan in seeking a second term in 2015 should be taken as a mere speculation. He said âI recall that at the time he was going to declare for the 2011 election, all the PDP governors were brought together to ensure that we were all in the same frame of mind. âAnd I recall that some of us said given the circumstances of the death of President Umaru Yar'Adua and given the PDP zoning arrangement, it was expected that the North was to produce the President for a given number of years. âI recall at that discussion, it was agreed that Jonathan would serve only one term of four years and we all signed the agreement. Even when Jonathan went to Kampala, in Uganda, he also said he was going to serve a single termâ. Also former President Olusegun Obasanjo in his letter âBefore it is too lateâ to President Jonathan reminded him of his promise to run for only a single term, charging him to tread the path of honour by keeping to his words. Obasanjo's letter gives credence to earlier agitations from some governors that Jonathan should not contest the presidency in 2015 going by an agreement he entered into in 2011 to appease the North, even though the President has continued to deny knowledge of such a pact. The present crisis rocking the ruling Peoples Democratic Party is not unconnected with the refusal of President Jonathan to take the path of honour by respecting the agreement he entered into with his party men. Observers says the initial G-7 Governors out of which 5 dumped the PDP to the opposition APC left the party because of President Jonathan's ambition. Many Nigerians are of the opinion that it is the ambition of some politicians and even the president's ambition that is partly responsible for the spate of insecurity in the country. They opined that most of the killings going on in the northern part of the country are sponsored by politicians, citing the instance of accusation and counter accusation between the Borno State Government and the former Governor of the state, Ali Modu Sherrif who was responsible for a bomb blast in Maiduguri. Analysts concluded that nothing politicians cannot do to ensure their ambitions are achieved. Now that Jonathan's ambition is taking the nation to a state of anarchy and the President does not âgive a damnâ, as his men kept threatening everyone who they perceived as enemy of the President, one thing they fail to understand is that there cannot be a President without a country. No single individual is bigger than the nation, just like what the President himself said recently that no Nigerian should kill another because of his presumed 2015 second term ambition, adding that âany ambition I have at any time is not worth the blood of Nigerians.â

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