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Author Name: gaga ekeh
Number of articles: 22

The year 2020 is upon us. While much ado is to be made about the upcoming 2019 elections, looking... (0) Comment

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Beaucoup Harem: Jihad and the Sultan of Sokoto
Author: gaga ekeh | May 26, 2014

Good day to you Bomboy. My grandfather, whom you know as Chief Samson "Uku Ogboni" "One Shilling Gulder" "Bokin Han Paailas" Akarue the scribe of the British CommonWealth there in Asa Okpele, on whom the NTA production "Icheokwu" was based, visited me in a dream last night. Said he, "who is the pimp?" By pimp--Oba Akarue is by now a bloke o--ehen, by pimp he was referring to a fellow he watched on Celestial TV in his hotel at Oranyan's Belt. The man, one Shaikh Awo, was parading a bunch of nice teenage Muslim girls for sale or marriage. According to his organization "We have plenty prostitutes" (Beaucoup Harem in the Western Tongue of French), this was Allah's will. Now this threw me for a loop. I had written, on this forum previously, an article that spoke to what I believed the philosophy of jihad to be. My cousin, Samir if you recall, who by the way is now a PhD in Islamic Studies in the US (and subsequently he must secretly be on an NSA terror watch list ehen), tells the story of the great conqueror of Jerusalayim, Salahudeen, who refused to kill a man on the battle field out of anger. When I watched Shaikh Awo laughing and bragging I began to wonder: Was this the SAME Boko Haram of Yussuf Mohammed? Why, it has become a joke! After suffering the inhumanity of torture and extra judicial murder at the hands of the murderous Nigerian Army, this group and their backers have just thrown away any semblance of Islamic Justice. As such, then, I must call upon my uncle Sultan Saadi to do what must be done and reclaim Sokoto. The Kingdom of Sokoto you see--or shall I say the Caliphate--stopped at Lokoja, despite pronouncments concerning touching the Atlantic--because the families of Chief Akarue and Chief Okoro the Great of Uguashi-Ukwu and Chief Ekeh.ti of Ekiti dudu Akoko Edo, were in the final stages of unifying Southern Nigeria under one God. They were, in fact, becoming monotheist in their approach to traditional life, something their brethren in the Hausa Kingdoms of Ogi Zau and Oyo had done centuries earlier. Better late than never Chief Samson would say. Better late than never. To this end, the surprising pivot of the Obasanjo-led Ogboni administration towards Satan worship advanced juju studies, however... novel... was problematic. It would deny the existence of an overarching supreme deity, making Chief Aremu to be god on the order of Shango and Ogun. Now this is a cruel joke. Ogun was the god of iron thousands of years ago. Obasanjo initiated the Land Use Decree in 1978 and Nigeria cannot manufacture ONE transformer, ONE copper wire, ONE bolt, ONE nut, ONE Wheel, and so we cannot maintain our power grid equipment because we must purchase all the components from abroad. In fact, between you and me, Nigeria's last power projection resulted in... two pieces of moi moi. WHISH KINE GOD BE DIS!??? Shango is the god of thunder, but the army Obj left us, despite ten billion dollars in 2 years--as though na foreign aid from ameh--cannot defend a small village, hamlet or town. We have now become like the DRC where soldier commot their dress and skata! because of approaching warlord. This is the Nigeria Chief Samson returned to visit. And his reaction? He is Urhobo. You can guess naah. He said, of the PDP led Criminal enterprise known worlwide as Crimeria (we hail thee): "Shooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! E MU KPO KU WE???" Which translated into1611 King James Version loosely suggests: "A thing dost doeth though?" (sometin do you?) The solution to the Boko Haram menace to me is quite simple. The only have the logical space to operate because of the obvious. I have been to places in Nigeria where you have to be Hausa to understand their "English". You feel me? So with all these millions of dollars, billions even, which our Hausa brethren done chop share with their "kanta pats" in the south, how come the North is struggling? Well, I was born in Kaduna and here's my solution. 1. Just Sharia: If you cut off the hands of a peasant who steals, then cut off the hands of a governor who steals and do so publicly. If the Hizbah flog peasants who consume alcohol, they must do so to governors as well, publicly. 2. Zakat is mandatory, so that all that stolen money begins to capitalize the caliphate. 3. Anywhere Sharia is practiced, loans CAN NOT contain interest. Following these three rules will ensure that there is transparency in governance in Northern Nigeria and that there is enough money to go round and no logical avenue for the Greater Jihad. The greatest duty of a Muslim is to die in service of Justice, fighting for Allah's will to be established on earth. If I my blood is one day shed, then let it be for this reason, that I oppose the FAKE Islam in Northern Nigeria and call upon the Sultan to see to it that the great civilization of Sokoto that brought us the mighty Grand Vizier Al Qadir (2nd caliphate), and the esteemed Ottoman Dan Ifadeyi-Oyo, desdcendant of Mansa Gan.Gan Musa, and the forever BELOVED Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa... is restored to its place as a bastion and fountain of Islamic Wealth and Knowledge. To this end, then, as a Son of Sarkin Zazzau, I pledge my allegiance to Sokoto and will work assiduously to restore the vision of Dan Ifadeyi-Oyo and entrench Sokoto as the Modern Timbuktu. If there are any others, Christian, Muslim or Hindu, who wish to join me you are welcome. I cannot recognize the nation Nigeria. That is for those who live in irreality. But since I am indebted to the people of Kaduna, then I publicly call on the backers of Boko Haram to demonstrate Islamic. Nobility and allow Islamic Northern Nigeria to be judged, from this day forward, upon the reputation writ, and executive authority of Sultan Saadi Abubakar "the Persian". This is just and if the Sultan agrees to enforce true islam in his jurisdiction, as is his mandate as Sultan, then the Ummah worldwide must rise and condemn Al Kaeda and Boko Haram for apostasizing the philosphy of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). May Allah judge the works of our hands and the testimonies of our hearts--for in calling ourselves a religious nation we have now invoked the judgment of the God of Abraham upon our people and progeny. It would be wise, my fellow Nigerians, to heed these words. We ARE all Boko Haram when we bow to Satan and his corrupt ways. I await a response from the Principality

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