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Author Name: J. Ezike
Number of articles: 17
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I have seen a country - Nigeria
Author: J. Ezike | December 14, 2014

I have seen a country, where leaders embezzle public funds to enrich themselves, I have seen a country, where leaders with no empirical quality of sincerity and honesty are given the mandate of leadership on the altar of nepotism and fascism, I have seen a country, where political positions are not considered “seats of service to humanity” but rather as ‘'business ventures'' ‘'lucrative enterprise'' and a potential goldmine , I have seen a country where democracy has been emphatically substituted for ‘'autocracy'' and ‘'colonial rule'' in order words – ‘'MODERN SLAVERY''. I have seen a country, where the civil and human rights of the citizens of the nation are ‘'brutally raped'', abused and violated, to achieve selfish goals at the detriment of the people, the economy and the laws of the land. I have seen a country, where leaders who lack ‘'common economic intelligence'' (CEI) are placed in positions of authority. I have seen a country, where power is being recycled from one regime to another and from one democratic era to the next in a spiral fashion. I have seen a country, where the citizens are ignorantly living as ‘'slaves'' in their own land, deprived of basic social amenities. I have seen a country, whose leaders have failed to provide good standard of living or quality life for the people for decades. I have seen a country, where leaders steal from the financial account of the nation with impunity and transfer stolen funds to foreign banks in Europe and America. I have seen a country, a lawless country, a country where there's no security of lives and properties, a country where there is no true justice. A country beautified with hunger, poverty and hardship, a country where political opinions against corruption is a suicide mission, a country where the GDP contradicts the visible image of the Economy, a country where chronic animosity, tribal prejudice, ethnic disunity and political war is a norm, a country where bribery and corruption is a cultural virtue, a country highly disunited and overwhelmingly disorganized, a country where ‘'Honorable thieves'' and ‘'Vagabonds'' are in control of the political affairs, a country whose wealth has been perpetually raped and brutally ‘'dis-virgined'' by some greedy stooges, a country where the lives of civilians or masses don't count, a country where epileptic power supply has become a national symbol, a country with a disturbing increase in the rate of poverty, a country which epitomizes the hallmark of corruption. A country critically affected by numerous political diseases, a country with immortal problems, a country built on a dilapidated foundation and is gradually collapsing like the wall of Jericho, a country which appears to be a loosed federation, a country where leaders have remained complacent to change the fortunes of the land for the sake of humanity, a country where leaders swim in the murky waters of corruption, a country that has subscribed to the destructive gospel of war rather than peace, a country where promising young men look for desperate means to survive or escape from their ‘'father land'', a country where young girls and potential wives, have been frustrated into ‘'prostitution'', a country where motor roads have become ‘'DEATH TRAPS'' claiming the lives of innocent souls ,a country where there is no freedom of speech, even under the umbrella of the celebrated and reputed system of government called- ‘'DEMOCRACY''. I have seen a country, so rich, but yet its citizens suffer in ‘'extreme poverty'' due to corruption. I have seen a country, where- fairness, equality, political stability, tribal and religious unity has been aborted like an ‘'unwanted pregnancy'' on the altar of politics. I have also seen a country, that has brought upon itself – Chaos, Anarchy, Social and Economic unrest, and then look up to God for a miracle. I have seen a country, whose citizens have allowed fear to stop them from being motivated to cause a transformation in the Economic and Political structure of the economy. I have seen a country, that calls itself the giant of Africa but has failed to prove its worth, I have seen a country, where the masses have cowardly decided to suffer in silence and wait for ‘'uncertain miracle'' from God, instead of taking their destiny in their hands. I have seen a country, where heroes are slaughtered because they were bold and courageous to challenge the ‘'status quo". I have seen a country, where the wealth in petroleum and natural gas has little to show in the living conditions of the average human being. I have seen a country, where corruption has been made easy, legal, and convenient for everyone to practice. I have seen a country where leaders have refused to serve, but instead choose to abuse the anointment of leadership invested on them by the people. I have seen a country, where 150 million citizens have failed to initiate a non-violent movement to bring about fundamental change in the ‘'economic anatomy'' of the country, I have seen a country, that has remained astonishingly complacent in fighting injustice imposed on them by some ‘'political gladiators''. That country is known as Nigeria. For so long the political leaders in Nigeria have subjected its people to series of violent episodes, the tragic chapters of perpetual riots and systematic extermination of innocent souls, primordially designed from the genesis of our national independence to the revelation of our current crisis, has galvanised the free flow of bloodshed, anarchy and chaos. The Boko Haram insurgency which has held the entire nation to a strangle hold and has subsequently led to the untimely death of thousands of innocent souls in quick successions with no iota of remedy, for a partisan ideal filled with bigotry and a complete emptiness of proverb. The deliberate mass murder of civilians as a parameter to achieve a self-interested, unethical, preposterous and twisted ideal, in an attempt to establish an Islamic state ruled by sharia law, at the expense of human lives is no doubt the most – disjointed, debased, and wayward ideal in the history of mankind. The barbaric and gruesome murder of innocent souls in a traditional order by these sons of hell provides a chronicle preview of the dark future of Nigeria. This Oligarchy was primordially designed and politically masterminded by some irresponsible maniacs that have refused to let go of power, subjecting the people and the country to: Anarchy, Chaos, Poverty, Hardship, War, and Violence. All these political diseases are the hallmark of corruption and the square root of bad leadership. Shame unto the Nigerian leaders for their poisonous leadership and abysmal efforts to redeem the image of the country. The perpetuation of bloodshed and deliberate mass murder since 2009 in an attempt to flush any trace of western influence is only a ‘'branch'' of the twisted ideologies from the ‘'tree'' of Boko Haram's mission which depicts DEATH. I have seen a country were innocent young girls are being kidnapped by some political forces acting under the disguise of the political entity known as Boko Haram, for no logical justification! The diabolic integration of death, war and violence to achieve ‘' religious revolution'' and ‘'political ambition'' strongly denotes that: Nigeria as a country is NOT unified. I have seen a country, and that country called Nigeria is in great deal of TROUBLE! ALEXANDER EZIKE : POLITICAL WRITER/ HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVIST

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