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Author Name: J. Ezike
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Open Letter to President Goodluck Jonathan
Author: J. Ezike | December 14, 2014

Your Excellency, the commander in chief of the armed forces of the federal republic of Nigeria. I am writing you this transient letter to express my utmost displeasure and rancor for the current status and condition of the Nigerian federation both politically and economically. The unending violence and bloodshed of innocent masses in an episodic order and the devastating effect it has framed in the organic existence of the victimized citizens whose rights have been perpetually and primordially disenfranchised on the grounds of politics is only an atom of the immortal problems menacing the health of the nation as an entity. Your excellency, it is unequivocal to state that Nigeria as a nation is sick and may die a miserable death, if productive efforts are not integrated with utmost speed and velocity to counter the already existing monstrosity plaguing the entire country and has wrecked the image of the nation. The continuous murder and the systematic butchery of the citizens of Nigeria by the insurgents (Boko Haram) who pride themselves as servants of Allah and your lackadaisical attitude in this disturbing matter is a complete act of gross dereliction of duty. The Boko Haram insurgency is a conspicuous nightmare, a humongous trepidation, a threat to humanity and a disjointed status quo which has crippled the entire nation. The Nigerian people are no longer citizens but victims in their own country as a result of this macabre predicament, a nightmarish adventure of torture and mass murder in a systematic and traditional order with no hope to an end. What is the function of the Nigerian Police force? What is the function of the Nigerian military? Your excellency, it is a stain to our reputation as the ‘'giant of Africa'' for not being capable and proficient enough to contain this eldritch display of nuisance by some few rebellious miscreants who have subscribed to the horrific tune of violence and bloodshed for a partisan and debased ideal filled with bigotry and a complete emptiness of proverb. It is a fact that the Nigerian military has a man power of over 20,000,000 active soldiers available for service. The big question is; why has the Nigerian military failed to contain this menace? Is it possible that a handful of some political renegades, bloodsucking masquerades, and flesh eating guerillas have succeeded in overpowering and undermining the sheer military strength of the Nigerian Army? In the past, the Nigerian soldiers were deployed in countries such as; Liberia and Sierra Leone for peace keeping of which was carried out to an utmost perfection but why has the Nigerian military not mirrored that same feat or achievement in domestic crisis? Is the nation's interest not the top most priority? Why has the almighty Nigerian army proven to be weak and fragile by flapping their wings like chickens in a coward's mien at the expense of the national security? Are the soldiers not well equipped to counter this continuous attack by Boko Haram which poses as a threat to humanity? What productive efforts have you taken to ensure that the young girls who were kidnapped are rescued and returned back to their respective homes? I was watching the news on BBC, and I was dismayed and utterly shocked by what I saw with my naked eyes. Some team of Nigerian soldiers were caught on camera, running for their lives as they were being chased and forced to retreat by the highly equipped and ferociously armed insurgents (Boko Haram). With due respect Your Excellency; this is a big disgrace of the highest order to the Nigerian military and a shame to your government for being incompetent in handling a minor calamity of this nature! Some of the soldiers who spoke anonymously to the media claimed that they were not well equipped or funded to fight the enemies who were more armed with sophisticated weapons of mass destruction. The big question is; why is the Nigerian military not well equipped to outnumber and outgun the insurgents? Why have you failed to use your federal power to fund the military in every aspect to ensure an end to this nightmare? Why has your administration failed to invest substantially in the Nigerian military? Where are all the billions of dollars going to? Who is in charge of the national treasury? What is the Ministry of Finance doing to fund the army? What is the Ministry of Defense doing to equip the army? This is an evidence to prove that the Nigerian military is weak and feeble hence may be incapable in handling cases which poses as a serious threat to the National security. It is in the best interest of the nation and its people for the Nigerian army to expel the forces of doom and anarchy who present themselves in flesh and blood and not as deities or immortals! These genocidal kingpins and agents of death, who claim to be fighting a just war for the Islamic religion at the detriment of innocent lives and the security of the nation, need to be wiped out completely from the face of the earth at a supersonic speed. With due respect Your Excellency; it may be controversial to say; that the rights of the citizens of Nigeria have been outrageously undermined by your administration! Every single Nigerian has the right to live, and the right to choose whatsoever religion they please! The lives of Nigerians have been highly politicized for a preposterous ideal which obviously is bankrupt and repugnant hence it is about time to put an end to this injustice. Your Excellency let me highlight a few of the numerous promises you made to Nigerians on National television and daily newspapers when you assumed duty as the President of the federal republic of Nigeria. You categorically stated; that Nigeria will achieve constant power supply before 2014. That promise has not seen the light of the day! Nigerians are still living in perpetual darkness, and you have done nothing to redeem your promise. On the 23rd of January 2014, the Ministry of Power issued an official statement on your behalf, spewing lies and I quote; ‘'we did not promise constant power supply, we promised to improve power supply''. Point of notice Your Excellency; Nigerians are not stupid! Some of us may not be conscious enough to the lies and propaganda but we're definitely awake to see the hand work of corruption and to feel the overwhelming effect. May I remind you of the lies you divulged live on CNN, during an interview with Amanpour. You were asked by the reporter why Nigerians are yet to enjoy constant power supply in the entire nation, and to our utmost surprise and displeasure you denied that Nigeria is still experiencing shortage of power. You said and I quote: ‘'Nigerians are pleased with the power sector…Nigerians are enjoying constant power supply''. Well, let me say this with every fiber of my bone; ‘'Your Excellency, that's a big lie from the dungeon of hell!''. If you are not noble enough to admit your failures, then how do you expect the citizens to trust you? If you are not sincere or honest with your words or promises, just like the past leaders did then why should Nigerians vote for you in 2015? Your Excellency let me remind you once again about the propaganda that was widely disseminated across the nation. And what we read on the national dailies was quite ridiculous, your regime claimed to have created over 10 million jobs for Nigerians (Laughter). With due respect Your Excellency, unemployment rate in Nigeria increased at an alarming figure during your regime and it is still counting. There is an overflow of jobless graduates littered in every nook and cranny in Nigeria. There are some graduates who work as commercial drivers, some as cleaning supervisors in hotels, some hawk on the streets and motor traffic, while others look for desperate means to run away or escape from the country to foreign nations to avoid the hardship, just to mention a few. The handwriting is clearly written on the wall, Nigerians may be passive but they're not stupid. Finally, I would like to conclude by saying; that Nigerians are not pleased with your presidential performance and we believe that your leadership quality has been rather poisonous to the health of the nation just like the predecessors. We do not believe in your empty promises and we have concrete reasons to doubt your credibility and substance. We have had enough of your lies and deception, and we are saying ‘'NO'' to a second tenure! Sincerely, Alexander Ezike.

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Lewis Chiekwe    Halifax, Canada    December 14, 2014
Thank you very much for this your open letter to the president. I hope he will read it and carefully consider the points you raised. I very much agree with your views but you may want to avoid the use of frequent "jaw-breaking" words that make your articles sound like latin language to many readers.

A good journalist will choose words that are easily understood by a wide range of potential readers. In other words always use "Queen's" English in your articles. Good essays are not measured by how many big words they contain.
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