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Author Name: J. Ezike
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Gangs of Aso Rock
Author: J. Ezike | February 25, 2015

The great America, the land of the free, the home of the brave, the bed rock of democracy, the ‘'backbone'' of the world's anatomy, the ‘'police man'' of the global society, the ‘'giant'' of the planet Earth, and the birth place of Hollywood.Admired by all, feared by many, hate it or love it- America is the king of the globe! For the record; I'm a true Hollywood fan, why shouldn't I? Who wouldn't be? ‘'Hollywood where magic lives!''.

Oh yes, we've seen Romeo and Juliet make sweet love but died a tragic death by the eldritch taste of poison and the cutting edge of dagger, a Shakespeare masterpiece! Oh yes, we cried when Jack died by the freezing claws of the cold sea as the young naked eyes of Rose poured down salty rain, a Titanic masterpiece! Oh yes, we had our hearts clutched as we shed wild streams of emotional tears when the ‘'Gangs of New York'' rained hell, an Asbury masterpiece! Now sit back, relax and tighten your seat belt as I take you on a long journey from the door post of America to the corridors of Nigeria.

The heart-beat of Africa, the giant of the black continent, the pillar of the black race, the citadel of black wealth and the birth place of Nollywood. Admired by some, avoided by many, hate it or love it- Nigeria is the king of Africa! For the record; I'm a true Nollywood fan, why shouldn't I? Who wouldn't be? ‘'Nollywood where magic happens!''.Oh yes, we've seen Okonkwo strike a fatal blow against his own, in a macabre demeanor as the ghostly hand of death leaves its signature on the young soul of Ikemefuna as Things fall apart, an Achebe masterpiece! Oh yes, we've seen Baroka, the mighty lion woo the young beautiful Jewel in a breath taking love triangle, a Soyinka masterpiece! But what do you know about the ‘'Gangs of Aso Rock?''

Ladies and Gentlemen, grab a bowl of popcorn and a can of Pepsi, if you wish. Sit back and relax for the show is about to begin. I'm about to play you a movie which I titled: ‘'Gangs of Aso Rock''. Light, Camera, Action! They say Politics is a dirty game, but how well do you know the Nigerian politics? Just like in every action movie, there is a hero and a villain. Just like in every fiction, there is a protagonist and an antagonist. The lead actor of this movie is; Goodluck Jonathan, ‘'Mr shy President'' if you wish. Some call him a puppet; others believe he's ‘'toothless'' even under the ocean of presidential power.

A man whose name says-‘'Goodluck'' but it has done pretty much the opposite for the citizens. The increase in fuel price, the series of violent episodes, the kidnapping of young girls, the Boko Haram insurgency, the mass murder of innocent citizens, the rise in poverty and hardship and the continuous‘'bang bang'' in the North. If you're thinking what I'm thinking then you'll agree with me when I say that his name should be changed to- ‘'Badluck Jonathan''. Now take a good look at the next actor, the villain of this movie. He's smooth and he's a criminal, did I hear you say ‘'Smooth Criminal?''(Laughter). If you haven't heard about Ibrahim Babaginda, then it is obvious you don't know a thing about the root cause of Nigeria's disturbing problems.

He is the ultimate bad guy! Some call him ‘'Maradona'' did I hear you say why?The answer is simple, because he knows how to dribble the nation to achieve his selfish and greedy motives. He's currently seating comfortably on fat bucks which he took, I beg your pardon ‘‘stole'' from the federation account. If the late Michael Jackson thinks he's a smooth criminal, then he should probably think again, because I can bet there is only one ‘'smooth criminal'' and he goes by the name Ibrahim Babaginda. He's bad, he's crooked and he's a player, and he goes by the name- Olusegun Obasanjo. I call him ‘'Number 10'', did I hear you say why? The answer is simple; he's a major striker and a top scorer in the game of politics. And he's got a ‘'hat trick'' to show for it, three times the commander in chief of the armed forces of the federal republic of Nigeria.

Once as a military head of state and twice as a democratically elected president. A bad man to the bone, a political mafia, some call him ‘'Baba'' a euphemism for the word ‘'Don''. He has made billions of cool cash which he stole from the national wealth; call it blood money if you wish. He's one of the most dangerous mafia in the Nigerian politics, a man endorsed by the terrorist cult known as Boko Haram. He's been accused of being the financial sponsor of the flesh eating, blood sucking and twisted minded cult- Boko Haram, in order to achieve his political ambition at the detriment of innocent lives. (Ladies and Gentlemen) I present to you the one and the only- Muhammadu Buhari.

A one-time military head of state of Nigeria, but was overthrown by the ‘'smooth criminal''- Ibrahim Babaginda. But he's back and this time he has his piercing eyes on the presidential throne in Aso Rock, and he has threatened fire and brimstone if he doesn't get the presidential ticket. And guess what? He is doing a good job on that, he has made the country unstable through his political vehicle known as Boko Haram. These are a few of the many that have made Nigeria a living hell. They are the ‘'Gangs of Aso Rock''

My name is Alexander Ezike and this is my masterpiece! Alexander Ezike is a Novelist, Screenwriter, Essayist and Poet.

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