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Author Name: Farouk Martins
Number of articles: 571

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Papa Tell Us About The American Nappy Headed Hos
Author: Farouk Martins | April 11, 2007

It does not matter who said what. Extreme conservative views are selling like hot cakes on American radio and television. Never mind which foreigner owns them, like Fox TV owned by an Australian who became American, as long as it generates advertisement dollar. It gets to a point when public opinion revolts as a result of bad taste. When you label kids who are champions in any worthwhile endeavor, working hard and paying their dues to become what America ask of them, the message is clear. It is hard to tell young people about racism, they have to experience it. News, travel far and wide in this global world. Nigerians have all types of gadgets to tap into world news legally or surreptitiously. Just like the internet, once you are hooked up to the world, our children and young people are exposed. Those who are not so exposed usually get the gist from their friends. Calling women derogatory names have a sore limit especially in public. Ask the Nigerian politician who called a woman colleague a whore, asewo. He got a dirty slap instantly. America is a very fascinating continent. There we have the best and the finest in the world, but as everything else, there are some of the ugliest and the worst that mar the best Americans. One of my heroes, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe called United States, Gods own but when John F. Kennedy was assassinated, he expressed his doubts. The whole of Lagos was silent as if Nelson Mandela was assassinated. Many Americans do not even know where Nigeria is until lately for a different reason. As we struggle to explain to young people why the world has so many imperfections, we must also educate them about the goodness. I am not referring to Africans who are on standby to down play racism on radio or television and play along with their conservative friends, hoping to land some juicy contract. When Nigerians travel out ready to die to reach the Promised Land, they must also know what is in there for them. There are so many excuses and diversionary tactics from the real issue of racism expressed in nappy headed hos, challenging the moral standing of those who dare cry fowl. They look for ways to blaming the victims, asking them if they never enjoyed worse lyrics in their music or called one another worse names in or out of bed. In this case, there were white girls included in the insult. Well, that is their problem if you get caught with nappy headed hos. I am not really surprised. Indeed, I am surprised that this one, out of many coming from the same mouth, caught fire. Its a trait from former slave owners who had no qualms selling their own mixed children as slaves. The Yoruba never fail to remind us that a slave is born the same way a child is born: Bi won se bi eru ni won se bi omo. Nevertheless, let us tell our young women that in this case, public opinion matters in United States and the almighty dollars follow the public opinion in many cases unlike in our Country. As advertisers pull their money, deserved lesson will be learned. Nigeria may not be so rich and comfortable but there is human dignity and nobody walks around carrying a sign board around his neck saying I am a man. For those who say America is my fatherland and Nigeria is my motherland, think about what we may expose our children to and the difficulty of claiming them back. If we can not live in Nigeria, would our children? It has become a case of you lead and we will follow you there later. Farouk Martins, Omo Aresa

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Banjo Olaniyan,    Worcester, Massachusetts, United States of America    April 14, 2007
That remark by Imus is highly reprehensible to call it the least.

I feel really sorry for the likes of NK from NY who thinks what is happening right now to Imus (Climbing down his white horse) is taking it too far........
Yes it's true that some black rappers and artist use derogatory words against their own kind and even pass these on to younger folks who freely call themselves Niggers, we must recognize that the context and setting of Imus remark and self deprecation by black folks are not the same at all. While our black brothers try to reduce the effect of hundreds of years of slavery and its everlasting psychological torture they experience everywhere they turn, they try to use the most nasty of those words on themselves before someone else use it against them hence eliminating its potency. It is what psychologist would call reverse psychology. However hell would be let loose when people of a different race use same words against them. That was why Black community leaders rose to the occasion.
Somebody said Imus should be cut a break. He was the one that had the mega, super mike who ought to have used it with caution but chose not to. Unlike in Nigeria, where the president of the country can slap a citizen and nothing happens, it is good enough to know that American still live true to its creed that noone is powerless.
In this case I say capitalism has risen to the occasion and did what the press can not do. Long live free market. Now that justice seems to have taken its cause, the young women can go about their businesses shoulders high without the fear that they would be vilified
KC    Columbus, Oh, USA    April 13, 2007
I disagree with Imus remarks, but one has to say there is a creditabilty in what he said about him not using words that has not been used by the black commmunity themselves. I think he was just the scapegoat. To respond to "Ka from NY" Black are in fact getting paid to used similiar or worse languages, they are called rappers. I think if they go about firing everybody that use foul language, i guess most rappers will be out of business sooner than we think and do not forget the "Black Entertainment Television" which made Bob Johnson, might I add an African American man a BILLIONAIRE. People that live in glass house do not throw stones.
Nk    ny, U.S.A    April 12, 2007
Interesting article..was a good read. Sha personally...not that I condon the use of nappy headed ho..but really really..I think what is happening now is really taking it too far jare.

Terrible words worse than this are used on all these rap music that are being sold and people are buying
Ka    NY, US    April 12, 2007
It is not so much these words, this time. It is a pattern for him and he makes good money doing it. Nobody would pay and glorify a black man to do the same.
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