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Author Name: HACKED
Number of articles: 23
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Presidential Elections 2007 - What You Saw, Heard, or Feel about the elections
Author: HACKED | April 16, 2007

What Do You Think of the Presidentilal Elections? Were they A do-or-die affair, Fair, Violent, A Step in The Right Direction, a Total Disaster, A joke? Did you try to vote? If not, why? What did you see. Share with the rest of us. Click on Comments below to Submit - To submit Pictures or Video to us- please send by email to elections2007 (at) Replace the (at) with @ before sending your email. God Bless Nigeria.

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Onyx    Vienna, Austria    April 22, 2007
Johnson calls for the UN/USA to save us.....after almost 50yrs of independence abi?
Johnson    Lagos, Nigeria    April 21, 2007
Lets call for Electronical screaning of all the voters paper, You will see that one person may Thumb print a thounsand times , Our President will ashame of himself together with Pro IWU.

Lets the UN /USA save Nigeria .
Gbenga O    Toronto, Canada    April 21, 2007
Fraud ! Fraud!! Fraud!!! This is the most fruadulent elections in our history.

Results were prepared weeks before the elections. I pity the poor voters, it's 'much ado about nothing'.

This is Obasanjo's 'do or die' affair but God dey sha.
Edwin Okechukwu    jannesburg, South Africa    April 20, 2007
Obansanjo want his rival in Nigeria army to succeed him as a president of Nigeria in the sence that he ruled us fine or what?

No Nigerian will follow him to bring Yaradua brother a cold blooded man like him to come up as a president of Nigeria,

He is not competent to represent Nigeria neither will him be able to represent Africa in any international organisations,

Nigeria needs well expose and educated elite not a hooligan like him and Yaradua,he is a hooligan in the sence that what he did to this nation cannot be over looked right from Idi amin that collected a sum of an unrecoverable amount from him still he is not ashame a criminal like him to come out and start telling us bull shit so that he will not be probe.

God will reward your people one by one in your evil deeds.
ekhator mudia    esch, luxembourg    April 20, 2007
i feel that democracy in nigeria is funny, imagne the president accepting that there where rigging in the goernorship election and plead that they should not allow it to occur in the presidential.

PDP is just aparty of holigans,they are all thug buyers to kill people .this cannot make our democracy to grow, instead we cannot advance forward.
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