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Author Name: HACKED
Number of articles: 23
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Presidential Elections 2007 - What You Saw, Heard, or Feel about the elections
Author: HACKED | April 16, 2007

What Do You Think of the Presidentilal Elections? Were they A do-or-die affair, Fair, Violent, A Step in The Right Direction, a Total Disaster, A joke? Did you try to vote? If not, why? What did you see. Share with the rest of us. Click on Comments below to Submit - To submit Pictures or Video to us- please send by email to elections2007 (at) Replace the (at) with @ before sending your email. God Bless Nigeria.

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Spatus    Benin City, Nigeria    April 19, 2007
My comments on the last election is about Edo State, my State and here I saw it as it happened.

Here, the people's mandte has been stolen by the president and given to his in-law and a parting gift. In Edo State, the people voted overwhelmingly for Adams Oshimole and in most places, the margin was so wide that you wont believe the result.

However the government had his plan. On the day of election, a renowned human right activist, Bar Mike Ozekhome went, amred with mobile policemen and guns to steal all the ballot boxes and papers sent to his village and was caught by Oshiomole himself.

Though he was arrested but he was released the same day.

In fugar, that is Estako Central, the Deputy governor himself spear headed the stealling of ballot boxes and papers.

An eyewitness had it that he was personally carrying an AK47, shooting into the air while saying "if you are strong come closer".

Well, thanks to the ever struggling Oshiomole who ensure that the election in that local goverment was cancelled just like that of Akoko Edo was cancelled too and the INEC official there lost his life to the angry masses.

Despite the massive rigging, Oshiomole, was still in the lead until, as a reliable source revealed, Baba put a call to the INEC Resident Commissioner and told him he does not want to know what happened and that all he wants is that the certificate should the issued to the PDP candidate since he once promised his dead wife that the next governor of Edo will be from her village.

This has sparked off violence in different parts of the State. However, what we are saying now is, INEC should bring out the report sheets that are dully signed by the parties representatives, the people want to collate the results and announce the winner of the election because it has become apparent that INEC has failed in its duty.

The people of Edo State are resolved to see that the stolen mandate is returned to them. The goverment has deployed a combined team of soldiers and policemen to strategic locations in the state.

Well they must know that justice can only be delayed but can never be denied and that the people will fight them to a stand still.

PDP has ruled edo state for 8 yers and all that there is to show for it is bad roads, insecurity, hunger, unemployment to mentiin just a few.

It might interest you to know that in Edo State, when you say "PDP" the repy is "share the money" thats just what the PDP team of Anenih, Ogbemudia, and Igbinedion does to our allocation.

Good people of Nigeria, the time has come for us to say no to corruption, stealing, injustice, fraud and political greed.

Lets join hand to fight the good fight. Its just Edo State. Many other states are involved. In nambra there was no election but they said PDP won. IN Adamawa, the AC candidate was disqualified hours to the election,

In Delta there were no elections in 4 local government areas because the materials meant for those areas were stolen by PDP.

If we go on like this then NIgeria has no future.
Henry    london, u.k.    April 18, 2007
If the ruling party had allowed a true reflection of the wish of the people. PDP would still have won in many states compared with the other parties.

The problem is this flawed character of some of our leaderswho want to grab every state by any means possible.

Thank God common sense prevailed in Lagos.
emilyebere    lagos, nigeria    April 17, 2007
Well the election was peaceful in my area, I must recommend INEC for that, everything was in place, nothing was missing, or to keep people for a long time.

But above all, I think is the people that wanted this election to be peaceful, apart from few disturbances in some areas, but nigerians wanted this election to work.

I came out to vote around 1.00pm, and by 1.20pm, I had cast my vote. The INEC officers were ready, with police men, so everybody respected him or herself.

Hope it will be same for presidential election too. And am happy that Fashola won in Lagos, than PDP taking over it.

God bless everyone that voted on saturday.
Abdulaziz Fagge    Kano, Nigeria    April 17, 2007
Indeed INEC is not ready for these elections, look at how poorly the gubernatorial and state assembly elections were held.

In many places here in Kano the election started by 12pm up to 1pm the earliest are those places started by 11pm-like in my own case. And painfully they closed by three with some people unable to vote.

Secondly, they planned a massive rigging not until the people of Kano frowned at the plan and with kind God on our side.

They MUST be well prepared and unbiased against the Sartuday's election for the fear of uncall...
ucheson c.    islamabad, pakistan    April 17, 2007
am not in nigeria to see how the election takes place but i know it will never go free and fear, but am asking when will this stop in our country nigeria,

corruptions has put us into big problem but we still dont learn from it, but what i will tell to any body who is causing problem into this current election will never score free in the sight of GOD poor people are dieying because of what they dont know,

then the rich one stay behind and enjoy, pls my advice to all touts is for them to stop listening to all this politicians becouse they will not do any thing for u when they enter there post, help ur self and be justice

nigeria will be good.

goodluck nigeria thats my lovely country.
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