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Author Name: HACKED
Number of articles: 23
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Presidential Elections 2007 - What You Saw, Heard, or Feel about the elections
Author: HACKED | April 16, 2007

What Do You Think of the Presidentilal Elections? Were they A do-or-die affair, Fair, Violent, A Step in The Right Direction, a Total Disaster, A joke? Did you try to vote? If not, why? What did you see. Share with the rest of us. Click on Comments below to Submit - To submit Pictures or Video to us- please send by email to elections2007 (at) Replace the (at) with @ before sending your email. God Bless Nigeria.

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OMOTAYO, J. A.    Lagos, NIGERIA    April 16, 2007
Thanks to NGEX L for this opportunity. We were luck to have power supply on Saturday morning. This enabled me to watch a few TV stations such as MBI, AIT, LTV, etc.

In the process, I was able to get information on the 15 point rules and regulations of INEC for the elections.

I had taught that those rules would be strictly adhered to, so I went early at about 8.15am to the place where I registered and had my details displaced.

It was Delimination Centre: LAGOS/01/02/004 and my VIN: 10084400787. I met some other registered voters but INEC officials could not be sighted in the vicinity. So, we continued to wait.

At about 11.30am, when acreditation should have been completed, two INEC officials were said to be on ground at another adjoining polling station.

So, we kept hoping that ours would soon arrive. By about 12.00pm, we were told to relocate to the adjoining polling unit to cross-check our names. We did. It turned out that we were mostly to vote there.

Unfortunately, the INEC officials could not commence acreditation because they did not come with ball point, stamp and stamp pad. There was also the absence of the so called collapsible screen to enable voters cast their votes secretly.

We kept on waiting. Later the officials started to call voters names and their corresponding serial numbers. It was a very slow process.

By 12.30pm, we sighted a rickety commercial bus with INEC posters on it carrying some officials. We stopped it and one of the INEC officials had a discussion with them on materials inadequacies.

They promised to come back with the materials with despatch. By about 1.00pm, ball point and stamp pad had arrive, but there was no stamp.

We were encouraged to commence the voting excercise to minimise delay. We resisted insisting that our votes would be voided without the stamp. Eventually by about 1.30pm, the stamp arrived. Voting started with a very long queue.

Then I was visited by hunger, and had to rush home. Shirtly there after, it rained. By the time I arrived, the voter that I was following had gone. So I had to queue up at the back again.

By about 4.30pm, I was able to cast my vote in the open, like others, without any shield.

One needs to know if INEC made provision for screens and where they were during the elections. Since Mr. Iwu was proud enough to tell us that he was ready to conduct the elections about two weeks earlier, one would need to know whether the preparation suddenly became methylated spirit which vaporised before the election day.

One would also need to know the effect of the costly DDM machines imported for the purpose of the elections.

God bless Nigeria
Smooth L    London, UK    April 16, 2007
Ouite impressed with the massive turn out of people for this election. This shows Nigerians are ready for a change, and it 'd only just started.

With the level of our technology, I believe the guber elections were relatively free, fair and peaceful. INEC had not done badly, though still a lot to improve upon.

Some candidates who lost in the elections were crying foul. I hope they know there are courts where they can challenge the results of the polls rather than coercing their supporters to cause mayhem.

The supporters are not in anyway wise if they could allow selfish individuals to use them, putting their lives in danger for peanuts while they(candidates) sit in the comfort of their own homes.

john carlos    malaga, spain    April 16, 2007
i just wanna let inec officers that this election is not fair
why is it that is only pdp is ruling that nigeria ,

now it goes to what FELA said b/4 he died ,the same old politicans wey
lead us b/4 is still lead us my people open your eyes for better nigeria or those that involve will die like GEN ABACHA .

may allmight God help nigerian people b/c we dey suffer .
Muse    Lagos, Nigeria    April 16, 2007
Maurice Iwu, the INEC Chairman, is the biggest BASTARD Nigeria - and the world - has ever seen. So I rest my case.
Gbenga    Ontario, Canada    April 16, 2007
GOC. Government of Crooks. It was just a do or die affar as their leader said before. Many heads were cut off in some places. The lucky ones only had thier legs or arms cut off.
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