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The End of Rivalry: As Yiguda Emerged Successful!
Author: Abdulaziz Ahmad Abdulaziz Fagge | April 18, 2007

History of modern day Bauchi as a state will remain incomplete without the mention of the unscrupulous, obstreperous and refractory political activities of the past two years in the state. Apart from what might have been adapted by the Nigerian political scientists as one of the normal or healthy dons of politics in Nigeria , that is, personality attack and abuses. Bauchi witnessed a most barbaric political scenario of political thuggery through the use of youth which for the last two years consumed many lives and unknown amount properties. All that nastiness was part of effort to scuttle the gubernatorial ambition of Mal. Isa Yiguda, one time aviation minister and formerly a friend of the incumbent governor, Ahmad Adamu Mu’azu also of the same party (ruling People’s Democratic Party). There were clear indications that Gov. Mu’azu was the architect behind Yiguda’s removal from his ministerial position just because the later was nurturing ambition to contest the 2007 general election so as to succeed the former. However, Yiguda like a biblical saying remained as ‘gentle as dove and as patience as sapient’ thus he continued the journey to his set goal trying hard to jump all the hurdles placed against him. Despite patience exercised by Mal. Yiguda, the enmity shown to him did not get down but instead sped up to the extent that the PDP gubernatorial primaries in the state were out manoeuvred in favour of his counterpart and the then Secretary to the State Government, Alh. Nadada Umar. It was then that Yiguda realised that PDP is not a good umbrella for him since they dared not to employ fairness and justice thus he inevitably decamped to the All Nigerian People’s Party (ANPP). It will be kind of tautology to start recollecting the rain of abuses suffered by the indefatigable Mal. Isa Yiguda as well as the assuring and reassuring undertaking by the Mu’azu and his lieutenants that Mal. Isa will never be the governor of Bauchi state. This really is a blasphemous outburst and contravened to Islamic teachings on Tauheed. Now it all passed in history and soon it would seem as if it never happened. The abused, the cursed, the enemy, the disowned, the… still counting, is now the GOVERNOR-elect. Allah shows that He is capable, He gives and takes, and He crowns whoever He wishes at the time He wishes thus He chose Mal. Isa Yiguda who does not have neither power nor adequate money to manipulate the election. At this point I must doff my hat to the good people of Bauchi state for coming out in unison to elect the man of their choice and defended their votes until the justice prevailed. Indeed safeguarding votes is an important tool in ensuring that what the masses voted for is what is given to them. The borrowed and modified principle of guarding the votes as first demonstrated by the people of Kano in 2003 general election help a great deal in ensuring the success of Mal. Yiguda, as the people trooped to INEC office, chanting “A kasa, a tsare, a raka” (literally meaning vote, protect and escort). I would like to close with some words of advice to Mal. Isa Yiguda, first as you should thank Allah for assisting you in slaughtering all the enemy plans to your success, for scaling through all the thorny obstacles. Then you should tighten you belt for facing the reality, the reality of leadership, the most challenging task. You should work hard to the expectation of the common people of Bauchi state who defies all odd to vote you and ensure that their votes are replicated. And to be a good leader you should forget all the evils those people had plotted against you and embrace all that have the common aim of progress and development of the state. I urge the good people of Bauchi state to help you with prayers so that you will take Bauchi to a promised land in four years to come. Once again accept my hearty congratulations!

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