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Author Name: Emily
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Have you ever been so much in love that you sacrifice everything for your loved one but all your efforts... (3) Comment

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Sexual Rights…….Does a woman have any?
Author: Emily | May 11, 2007

I happened to be in our village's family meeting recently, this is made up mainly of married women, and many families’ issues were discussed and settled, but one particular case that came up amazed me and left me in a confused stage of mind. A man came to the meeting to report his wife to the women and wanted them to to caution her or else he would divorce her. The man said his wife is always demanding for more sex and is never satisfied and that the woman wants to kill him with sex. His fear is that the rate at which the woman demands for sex might push her into flirting with other men to meet up with her sexual demands. Deep down inside of me, I was hurt as I watched him humiliate the poor woman and make a mockery of her. How can a man ridicule his wife in public ridicule and make her a laughing stock of the village. Simply because she asked for or demanded for what she is entitled to. What crime has she committed now? Is it wrong to ask for more sex from your husband? What can women really do please men? If a woman is not sexually active, they complain that she is not performing, that she is not good in bed, that she just lies down like a log of wood and lets them to do all the work. They use this as an excuse to go outside to look for girls that will satisfied them. Now the woman is sexual active and she is publicly mocked and being made a joke of as if she is a criminal. To the extent that she is being threatened with divorce. I asked myself, is it not her right to ask for more from her husband, if she is not satisfied? When will men stop treating women like toys? We have feelings and emotions too. A man can ask for sex as many times as he wants, sometimes at odd times, and even when the woman is tired and no amount of excuses can stop them from getting what they want. But when a woman demands for more, it is taboo, a sacrilege, unheard of, unacceptable, and a sin. For how long will women keep silent and die with their desires of wanting to be satisfied by their husbands. Men!!!! What exactly can be done to please you all?

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Ekundayo    Salvador, Brasil    June 09, 2009
@ STEVE DIBIA ah hah! You are the one who figured it out. The person who complains the loudest about something does it to draw attention away from themselves, Put the blame on her so all eyes go to the wife. Foolish man...women will always get even in the end....
luke nwoye    london, UK    June 24, 2008
This man need viagra, give me his address, I will mail one to him.

Or, if his wife is a beautyful woman, I can help him in his short commings.
nd    port harcourt, nigeria    August 14, 2007
the man is not sincere with himself, he should be thrashed twenty four strokes of the cain for such insult to the mother of his children/ if any.
Amy    Kansas, U.S.A.    May 15, 2007
Hey Girls, Hold up. One, the Man will never say what will please him. Because like a child one thing might please him for a minute and then not again.

Two don't jump conclusions, not all men are cheaters. Womens sexual desire comes in a later stage of life. I had a Dr. that told my my spouse if you use it, you'll loose it. He lost it, after so many years. The Dr. said to learn foreplay, he says "what's that?" Men don't know no better.

I would have suggested for the elder woman to tell the woman to foreplay before she tells her husband she is ready. And apparently the elder men need to tell the husband, how to enjoy what he's got.
warri girl    warri, nigeria    May 14, 2007
Tell the man to go to hell......, you have every right to ask or demand for sex as many times as you like.
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