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Author Name: Anonymous
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I have tried so much to stay out of the stalemate between the former vice president, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar... (4) Comment

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The many lies of Imo State Governor's secretary
Author: Anonymous | May 21, 2008

Ordinarily, I would not reduce myself to joining issues with liars and people bereft of understanding but in the interest of the reading populace and indeed for the avoidance of any doubts whatsoever I have thought it fit to respond so as to present the story as it actually happened (and this can be corroborated by witnesses who are ready to speak) and to alert the entire populace of the reckless and animalistic behaviour of people who are supposed to be interested in the welfare of the people who put them in office. The Governor of Imo State and his cronies led by Mr. Steve Osuji have spun webs of lies and even insulted my person and I feel very slighted. On February 10, 2008 at about 9:30 a.m. around Alfred Rewane Road (just after Falomo Bridge) Ikoyi, Lagos, I was driving (with my two children aged 3 years and 5years old in the back seat of the car) towards the Third Mainland Bridge on my way to church in Gbagada. I noticed a convoy of cars behind me, lights flashing and approaching at top speed. On noticing them I joined the other road users who had moved to the fast lane in order to let them through since they were already in the service lane behind me. The siren blaring convoy did not however pass by but I was being hounded by the convoy to either stop or get off the road as the other cars in the convoy had sandwiched my car to the median with the lead car occupying the centre of the road at a time when there was absolutely no traffic and no cars on that lane (Alfred Rewane Road on a Sunday morning is the exact opposite of what it is on week days). The lead Black Toyota Prado Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) with registration number “Pilot 1″ braking sharply and repeatedly forced me to slow almost to a halt while one of the other cars rammed into my car from the rear passengers side. The impact of this badly damaged my rear fender and also the rear passenger door of my car. I eventually had to stop so as to avoid being run over by the car. As I came out of the car to examine the damage done to my car and demand an explanation for all the harassment, some of the security men dressed in suits alighted from their cars, slapped me and repeatedly slammed the door of the car against my arm. I was shocked and demanded an explanation for the attack. Instead of answering me, one of the security men, in full view of my two children then pointed his gun at me while two others began to vandalise the car by using the butts of the guns to break off the rear view mirrors and kick in the door (I have pictures of the vandalised cars). My children were so panic-stricken that they opened the door and bolted across the road. I can only be thankful to God that an on-coming vehicle did not run them over. The younger kid later went into shock and did not speak to anyone until later that evening when his father came into town. After vandalising my car, the convoy then sped off. The Executive Governor of Imo State was actually in the car. He rolled down the mirror, saw what happened and rolled back up as if nothing was happening. He obviously could not be bothered. I have described Mr. Osuji as bereft of understanding not out of discourtesy but because of the senseless issues he has raised. That I with my two young children in the car struggled for over one kilometre with the governor’s convoy. That the governor and his entourage as sane, rational, family men and women assaulted and traumatised me and my children. That with my two young kids in the car willfully smashed into the governor’s convoy. This is completely absurd and laughable to say the very least and can only be believed by such “sane and rational men” like Mr. Osuji. This is nothing but a campaign of calumny calculated at saving the face of his boss (the governor), and sacrificing his conscience on the altar of sycophancy. I can only imagine what manner of man would support the harassment of a woman and little children. Mr. Osuji alludes to a security breach. What security breach? That I moved to the extreme lane for them to pass is now a security breach? The road was totally free!!! Was I supposed to move to the middle of the road or carry my car off the road? Or are we lesser mortals not fit to drive on the same road with these thin gods? It is this madness that we observe everyday on our roads by siren blaring monsters. If for nothing, the convoy of the Lagos State Governor has driven past me on countless occasions within the Ikoyi/Victoria Island area without blaring sirens neither was I harassed in any manner and yet he is still the Governor of Lagos State. And assuming there was a security breach, is it that security breach that has led the “sane and rational” Mr. Osuji to write such a sorry letter in The Guardian newspaper of February 21, 2008? For the avoidance of doubt I did not hire anybody to tell my story. I was under the wrong impression that these “sane, rational family men and women” would be reasonable enough if I just wrote a letter of complaint but unfolding events have proved me wrong. It is sad and disheartening that at this stage of our nascent democracy when the emphasis is on respect for the rule of law, that such flagrant abuse of power is still prevalent in our nation albeit within our elected leaders. It shows a clear disrespect for the sanctity of life and the constitution which they are supposed to uphold. Mrs. Udoudo lives in Lagos.

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Oladipo S.    Lagos, Nigeria    May 20, 2008
Gentlemen and Ladies. I am realy happy with these 5 comments so far. I wonder how many people realy get to read the ngex page. Henry, it is not about revolting physically, it is about we all having a remodelling of our behavioral attitude. Why would a Nigerian queue at the airport in England and immediately he gets to Nigeria there is someone waiting to get him through immigration, (he jumps the queue). Why would a Nigerian stop at a traffic light in the States and here he does not even wait for a policeman stopping him. It is rather unfortunate that the institutions responsible for enforcing laws (Police, IRSetc,) are deliberately crippled by people in Government. You can imagine what will happen (to these set of people in government), if these institutions were efficient.

Please what does it take to have a data base of everybody in the Country, but National ID card project was used to steal money. Am sure some of our law keepers can not go to the states and england now because of the finger printing and biometrics embarked at their repsective embassies. Look at the Power issue, i feel very sorry at our people's response, they are more concerned about the rabble rousing going on in the house.

What manner of men do we have in the panel, all the allegations Elumelu and his members raised have been refuted by the concerned companies. Lets look at this, why would supposedly honourable men lie deliberately to discredit others.

PLease lets all watch how much extra cost the projects will incur due to payments delay. El- Rufai got the whole Senate probe panel quiet, because they were not actualy probing him with a view to correcting misdeeds.

You know one thing we need, a very virile press that wil expose this so called HONOURABLES. If you become a Chairman of a local government and in 6 months you acquire a choice property in a high brow area, you would have some explanation to give to some authority. It was so easy for Dipo Dina to get details of Gbenga Daniel's house in Croydon, England, he did not have to be a genius to do that. New York's Governor was exposed because he had a problem with a prostitute and had to go.

Its a thing of joy for our own HONOURABLE to have and flaunt chains of girllfriends even while professing the happily married story.

The journey is far yet very near. The blog opened by eye on naija is a good start. Lets do something. NGEX how can we get more people on this site. The time to start is now.
Oladipo S    ,     May 19, 2008
It is always the same sad story. I still can not understand what goes on in the minds of these so called Government Officials. Today, a land cruiser with an armed soldier man delayed traffic at the queen's drive/bourdillon junction (French Embassy) for about 2 minutes just for a young lady to come down (probably a colonel's wife or daughter). It shows the caliber of people that rule us. What do we expect?

When they build roads,they make it sound like they have done us a world of good. For God's sake that is why they were put there in the first place. Lets leave British Airways alone first, lets deal with our own in-house oppression. Where is the cost of the rebuttal Imo state government published going to be charged to? Abi was there a budget for it. We still have a long way to go in this Country and until there is a complete change in our attitude, It will be tough. I would want to see how many comments this story will generate.
Henry    Dallas, USA/NIGERIA    May 19, 2008
I am an ardent believer of due process, rule of law, follow the paths of justice to resolve all things without taking the laws into one's hands.
But, in this case, I would rather do the opposite. Time has come when, we- the governed shall rise, each and everyone of us and initiate a revolution, just like the Italian revolution. I can only say that we are being governed by animals and lower primates, because, that's the only explanation of all these behaviours.

We can't sit down and let this continue to happen. I visit Nigeria frequently, these bahaviours happen daily. The police, the banks, the governors, the chiefs, the wealthy folks, even the thugs all have siren and run regular people off the road even with a gridlock traffic.


Eye on Naija    Lagos, Nigeria    May 19, 2008
Let's all chanell our energies positively. We all seem to agree (so far) that siddon look is not an option.

To that effect, there is a blog dedicated to this issue at Send a message to the Imo State governor

You will be able to send a message to Mr. Gov to let him know how you feel.
Wakabout    Texas, USA    May 19, 2008
Oladipo, I agree with you, jo. Our priorities are all mixed up. I am also waiting to see how many comments this issue gets. I continue to insist that the average Nigerian does not know what they want. We act as if these people were sent by God to rule us and we worship them while they treat us as if they can do without us.

What has happened with all the noise about British Airways? Nothing. British Airways sent a junior member of staff to address the senators and there was no outrage, because these "lootocrats" patronise BA first class and need BA to take them on their foreign trips to "learn about democracy".

BA knows this and will not respond to the boycott issue. They know the lootocrats will never ban BA because britich vias is easy to get and with BA you can easily fly from Lagos to anywhere in the world

But I dont blame them when the Nigerian citizen is more concerned about "entertainment" politics and cannot insist on their rights. What has changed in the last one year in Nigeria? Absolutely nothing.

The masses are stil suffering, the elite are still stealing. All we hear from this government is probe. Probe that goes nowhere. Meanwhile the real issues that should be probed are avoided. What happened to Siemens, Wilbros, Dan Etete, etc ..all these scandals have not been resolved and the populace do not even think about asking about these issues.

What has yara-go-slow done in one year? What of the National assembly? Nothing, but they have the time to go on foreign trips. Please somebody name one tangible thing yara-go-slow has done in one year. How long does it take to build a road (Lagos-Benin), biko?

As long as the Nigerian citizen avoid asking these lootocrats tough questions and holding them accountable, these people will continue behaving like Beasts of no Nation. Most Nigerians are only interested in the entertainment factor of politics.

Now Nigerians only want Iyabo to go to jail. Abeg let her go to jail and let's see what will be next for Nigerians?

Women will still be run off the road by governors convoys, people will still die in pipeline fires, still no light, no roads, yara-go-slow will still go for treatment overseas while our hospitals rot, Niger Delta will still keep kidnapping, etc etc...

Nigeria has been put into reverse for the last one year and people keep sufferring and smiling.

Let's see how many people even see this incident as an issue. I sorry for my country o
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