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America and Destabilization of Nigeria
Author: Abdulaziz Ahmad Abdulaziz Fagge | October 15, 2007

Events unfolding in Nigeria in recent years have for long signal bad omen to the stability of the country and its existence as a sovereign entity. The horrible scenes unmasking in all the parts of the country like a well crafted movie could not of course have happen spontaneously. The flare-ups in the volatile Niger Delta and the deliberate attempt to incite Iraq-like Sunni-Shiite clashes in Northern Nigeria through strategic ambush of prominent Islamic clerics would not have happened without some architects behind it. Amidst the political hullabaloo in the wake of previous administration’s third term bid, the United States of America predicted the disintegration of Nigeria in fifteen years time. How did they arrive at the conclusion, no one knows. That statement from America generated a lot of commentaries and discussions especially in the media cycles. However, the issue died down no sooner then it rose, in the usual I-don’t-care attitude of Nigeria (the leaders that is) and the Nigerians (reads: the people). Looking at how things are going now in the country, one could easily conclude without the fear of doubt that Nigeria is heading toward that uninvited and uncalled collapsing as ill-willed procrastinated by the US. Again, last month the American envoy in Nigeria issued a warning to their citizens on the security situation in the country. In the release under question, the US embassy, Abuja and the American Consulate General in Lagos alleged threat of terrorist attack on the “US and other western interests in Nigeria”, thereby cautioned the Americans in Nigeria to watch their steps. In the same vein, the Department of Foreign and Trade of Australia later issued another security report on the alleged attack. The Australian report is even more specific as it went on to mention the exact time of the said attack and the places. According to the latter release, the attack will be in Abuja and Lagos and will take place by this time (mid of October). However, amazingly, none of the reports identified the scientific research method they used to arrive at this common sensitive outcome. Then how did they know? Does that mean they are telling anybody that cares what they prepare to do so as to prepare for the worst to happen? A philosophical proverb of my people treatise that when there is no trench on the way, you don’t need to caution someone to take care of trenches, hence doing so means you have set something harmful on the way. I have been monitoring America’s ‘intrusion’ and interference in the affairs of many countries in the fast which to my chagrin but not surprise resulted in genocide as in Iraq or massive destruction and impoverishment as in Afghanistan. That’s why when of recent America start rearing its proverbial ugly head to this country I sensed some dangers ahead and became highly sceptic and suspicious. Though there are mixed reactions in discuss such as this on whether America has hidden intention in its interaction with Nigeria (and all other developing countries to a large extent) yet I subscribe to the “pessimistic” point of view. As it happened in many countries, America is always trying to exert its influence and power in the ‘less privileged countries’ to exploit them and their resources as in Iraq’s oil or destroy those that are not dancing to its tune like the case of Afghanistan. To borrow a phrase from the pioneer Governor General of Nigeria, Sir Lord Lugard, America’s mission to destabilise Nigeria as alleged by minds like mine, could have “dual mandate”. First, to ensure secession or at least unending battle in the Niger Delta so as to take hold of the opportunity for ‘toll free’ export (bugling?) of the region’s rich oil resources. Secondly, Northern Nigeria, which is identified as one of the homes of potential terrorist by the America’s mapping after 9/11 bombings need to be deal with. It is their intention to eliminate any ‘terrorist movement’ the world over which is perhaps why they put the North under surveillance. The usual tactic employed by America is to make some noises such as this on the state of affairs in a country and subsequently use any slide chance to drag itself uninvitedly. In such instances, they would camouflage on any rumble to lunch offensive. Now that they foretell the terror attack, they can stand to see that head or tail it occurs so that they would have their said prophesy come true. And in the event it happened (God forbid) they would now come to the aid? of Nigeria to get away with the terrorists and of course that will be the end of the story. It is high time that people started showing suspicion about America’s activities in Nigeria. The issue of deployment of US troops in Sokoto and the Gulf of Guinea and also the infiltration of spies; as the case of an American and two Germans who are recently arrested in the Niger Delta region for alleged espionage are all evidences of what I opine. These and other happenings are indications to nothing but a deliberate plan to perpetuate plan to destabilize this country. I believe no admirer or well-wisher of anybody would always be eager to forecast (and pray for) his downfall. The America’s prediction of Nigeria’s collapse is indeed contrary to its pledge of being a friend to Nigeria. And God willing all such prediction will never come true and all effort to bring Nigeria to its knees will surely be in vein. May God help us!

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young    London, England    October 16, 2007
is it not better if Nigeria divide than tying in one Nigeria?

why are we so worried about Nigeria being divide.for me it will be better to seperate the country peacefully so that all this killing and destroying in the name of religion and etinic will stop.
Rolee    New York, USA    October 16, 2007
Mallam Abdulaziz Ahmad Abdulaziz I don’t know where you have been but the last time I checked Nigeria is a nation of convenience amalgamated in 1914 by the same man you quoted in your article lord Laggard as a result there is nothing new about the disintegration of Nigeria.

Dr. Nkwame Nkrumah during the nationalistic movement to free Africa from economic and political domination made one succinct observation that Quote “That colonization was not an act to civilize but an act to exploit.

As you are aware the North did not accept the Western culture including education, religion, food, social and way of life but ironically the British sided with the North over the south that accepted the new vision and the question is why? Well, the answer is not far fetched because the feudalistic system of the Fulani/Hausa Kingdom was snugly situated for the British Indirect rule system since power was center in the hand of the Emir.

Indirect rule failed in the south hence the Aba women riot of 1922. Against this backdrop despite that the South accepted the Western republican culture could question the British intensions hence the sit of the Royal frontier force HQ. was based in the North. Nigeria has been disintegrated since 1914 but took a turn for the worst in 1967 when T.Y Danjuma and his northern henchmen brutally murdered Gen. Agu Ironsi who was by all account pro-north simply because he was Igbo.

To portray America in the light of aiding and abetting the dissolution of the amalgamation of 1914 is preposterous since the Nigerian leaders who are mostly northerners have ignored every warning sign to stop the bleeding. Since the so called independence in 1960 the Northerners as prescribed by the late premier of the North opined that the north will rule Nigeria from the dry desert of the north to Atlantic Ocean of the south and as we speak the prophesy came true thus; Sir Abubakar Tafawa Bellewa, Gen. Gowon, Gen Murital Mohamed, President Shehu Shagari, Gen Buhari, Gen IBB, Gen Abacha, Gen. Abubakar, now President Musa YarA’dua. Of the fourteen head of states that have rule Nigeria three only came from the south namely Gen. Agu Ironsi- six months in office before he was killed, Shoneko couple of months in office before he was forced out and finally Gen. M. O .Obasanjo who by all count a northern.

Mallam Abdulazzi if you look at this picture you can see that there is no leveling play field at all hence the clock is ticking and will explode one day may be not in our generation. Previous efforts such as the Aburi Accord, SNC, Six Geopolitical zones or return to the old regions to remedy the discrepancy failed because of the inordinate desire by one group to continue to dominate and marginalize the rest of the nation without qualms.

Nigeria is like an animal colony where the winner takes it all so far the north has been the winners hence the Nigerian oil wealth is in the hands of the north do you have any problem with this? Could you imagine a situation where the south has dominated the north for this length of time all hell would have broken loose?

America is a good friend of Nigeria right from time hence President Richard Nixon at the request of Harold Wilson did not meddle with the Nigeria civil war despite that he use genocide perpetrated against the south including starvation in as a weapon to destroy a tribe for standing up for what was right then and still right today in his presidential campaign. Do not inject America into this saga because even America was blind to see when the south was slaughtered on the altar of “To keep Nigeria One” It dawned on America after 9/11 that a group of religious sect in the world including some fanatics Nigerians is trying to use religion to annihilate non believers. How many times have the North slaughtered southerners and deprived them of their belongings but no one heard you blaming America for your barbaric actions. No matter how you try to spin the facts one thing you can be sure is that you can never suppress the truth it may take some years but at the end it will surface. Did anyone believe in our life time that apartheid in South Africa would collapse but when the time came coupled with the world readiness it happened under our own open eyes?

Remove the mote in your own eyes first to allow you see it on your neighbor’s eyes. Leave America out of the disintegration of Nigeria unless you are blind to see it the law of retributive justice will prevail and very soon too.
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