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Author Name: Saliu Iyanda
Number of articles: 25
Last article added: The New Face Of EFCC
Before the coming on board of Mrs. Farida Waziri as the chairperson of EFCC, there were plethora of... (4) Comment

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Abubakar Rimi: A notorious cash and carry politicain
Author: Saliu Iyanda | October 24, 2007

Alhaji Abubakar Rimi the executive governor of old Kano State in the second republic and later minister of communication, Chairman of NACB and NSPMC, recently decamped from the Action Congress (AC) to Peopleís Democratic Party (PDP) where he was originally. The exhausted politician has been talking from both sides of his mouth that the reason he left the Action Congress was because of the apparent absence of internal democracy. But the point that must be made is that Rimi was never in AC because he cherishes democracy so much, he was in AC in search of what to eat and how to keep body and soul together. He is perpetually hungry, he has formed the horrendous habit of going cap in hand from one wealthy Nigerian to the other to go and solicit for money in a very shameless manner. Are the reasons he gave for leaving PDP been removed? Is Obasanjo not still the chairman of the board of trustee? Is Ahmadu Ali still not the chairman of the party? Is garrison command mentality still not the order of the day in PDP today? They are still there, the truth is that he is not getting money the way he used to get in AC, and since PDP is in power, he has to quickly return to his vomit to keep body and soul together. And, in no time at all, those in PDP will soon get fed up with his insatiable and gluttony demand for money. This are the kind of people that gives bad name to politics, he does not stand for anything, he is in politics because of what he can chop, not because he really wants to render any service, that is why he is running from pillar to post when nobody is pursuing him. This was a person who said, he would never go back to PDP because, they killed his wife, and he has now suddenly forgotten what he said some few months back. AC will not in any way miss Rimi; he is a political liability that was why he was unable to deliver Kano State to the Action Congress (AC). He is roundly resented by his people because of his arrogance and shallowness. In fact, all the reasons he gave for leaving AC has exposed him as an unrepentant tribalist and not a convinced nationalist. He is not a credible personality that can be looked up to. He is a rudderless and spineless that is more concerned about his pocket and not the welfare of the Nigerian people. Rimi will always identify with the highest bidder; he is a cash.

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Mr. Mo    London, UK    October 31, 2008
Keeping our minds open, take a good look at the people's democratic party. What power do Ahmadu Ali and Obasanjo have now?

When Rimi left PDP was obasanjo not the main guy in the party?

Now are not the PDP people against him?
Yara'adua though very silent makes moves to investigate without trying to make it a field day for the media. In the PDP, who talks about Obasanjo anymore?
It is like he's not even in the party because to the PDP members he is invincible. Take a good look at the faces of politicians and you will know that Rimi is nothing in the game of cash n carry politics. As mr. Mustaph pointed out "he is not alone."
Tony Mustaph    london, UK    July 22, 2008
Well, I asked myself this qestion, why Rimi? Almost all the people in AC are from PDP who were kicked out because of power struggle. Rimi is not alone.

We Nigerians, especially the article author, are guilty of giving season politicians credibility. They are recycled old rubbish who only after their own interest and we stop at nothing for that even causing riot.

Those we are supose to praise, we abused them and level countless number of unproven allegations on them, we allowed these politicians to circulate like a used tired. They all in Yaradua govt.
Musa Salih Sobawi    Kaduna, Nigeria    July 20, 2008
Acutually, Really Rimi is not a credible personality that can be looked up to. He is a rudderless and spineless that is more concerned about his pocket and not the welfare of the Nigerian people. Rimi will always identify with the highest bidder; he is a cash.
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