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Imagine that boy. How could he claim not to know me? - House of Rep member slaps security man
x | September 11, 2009
A member of the House of Representatives is reported to have slapped a security man who was trying to establish his identity as he was entering the National... (10) Comment



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chrsit    leeds, uk    December 01, 2009
Please bring him to where the eyes of law will see him. Hope our police will do their job and put him where he will eat Iwa.
Clement O Esekheigbe    Lagos, Nigeria    October 26, 2009
Please, Nigerians would like to know the name of this "dis-honourable " member. Enough is enough of our secrecy or confidentiality of information in Nigeria.
Aham, California.USA    ,     September 15, 2009
First of all, I thank God for Ngex news crew, I appreciate you all.
My first request from you is please, by which ever means to let the authority in Nigeria mostly the IG, and the Attorney general to look into this matter with full investigation, and bring this dis- honorable Assembly man to justice.

This Royal Loyal security Officer is on and doing his justified job, Which this dishonorable Assembly abusive man should be proud of for doing his civic duty.
I am happy that the Assembly man has made his statement clear, that this matter will go any extent where the POOR security OFFICER will be disciplined. By saying so he thought the security officer is no man and has no man,

Thank God Almighty, For God of the Poor will really and for sure discipline the dis- honorable Assemble man. Amen.
In the Country of the BLIND one EYED man is the King.
I will like to read more from you, if not for any other thing just about this matter.
muyiwa adesanya. london    London, uk.    September 12, 2009
The house member should lose his job,suspended and then put on trial for assault, this people are silly, oppressing us, after stealing our money, the security guy should have slap him twice, shame you didnt realese his name .... idiot.
Emmy    Los Angeles, USA    September 12, 2009
I blamed the security man for not slapping the Congressman back. That House of Representative committed a battery. If it is in the developed country, he would have spent a night in jail.
ISSAC MALIK    ILORIN, NIGERIA    September 12, 2009
The parliamentarian should be charged for assault and battery, imagine an hon member slapping a fellow Nigerian, imagine he has even apportion blame to the poor fellow, if the commission is biased ill sue all the members individually and collectively for criminal conspiracy and intimidationON
OBJ    HOUSTON, 9F63    September 12, 2009
This is a classic example of a Nigerian leader. Of course the security man should know the god of the assembly. This is the reason Nigeria is what it is.

He must be arrested, and severely disciplined for his uncivil conduct up to and including suspension from the house. The speaker of the house must act.

The security guy needs to get a lawyer, and sue him for the all the money he has stolen from the government.

This guy must be a PDP (Party for the destruction of the people) member. They are gangsters and crooks.
larry    vienna, Austria    September 11, 2009
Shut up mr man, whom did you think you are? The security man was right to ask you to indentifiy yourself, its his duty.....Even Obama was ask to show his gym ID b4 entering into the gym...You guys must learn how to respect people when they are on duty.
Cliff    Baltimore, MD, USA    September 11, 2009
I blame the security officer for not returning the slap, I hope to run into one of those fools when am back in Nigeria and have them behave in the manner with me then I will tell them they are nothing but one person on earth big fool.

This things happen because Nigerians seem to enjoy it.
Val Akabs    Edmonton, Canada    September 11, 2009
This is the class of ignorant and illiterate fools that are ruling our country. Of course, he is right to have promised that the matter won,t end like that. it shouldn,t.

Can someone imagine the house with all that pletora of 'honorable members' and their lobbysts not to mention the hangers-on, and still expect someone to remember all of them?

This trader turned polithief is not even grateful that the poor guy was actually working to save him from the people he probably, duped and who may be wanting him stone dead. Whoever told him that the man's duties include knowing him must have played on his bloated ego.

One hopes that the commission in question should respect the dignity of labour by sending this village man away from the house
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